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0000997CaseTalk ModelerInstallationpublic2016-06-08 15:01
ReporterwobbenAssigned Towobben 
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Target Version8.10.1Fixed in Version8.10.1 
Summary0000997: Plugin dll rename to bin
DescriptionThe plugins which are deployed in the 'CaseTalk\Modules' folder cannot be placed elsewhere without CaseTalk getting confused about a plugin-dll or other dll's. Therefor a request to rename these plugin-dll files into plugin-bin files.

This way CaseTalk can simply load it's bin files as begin plugins without trying to load regular dll-files as possible plugins.
Additional InformationThis is especially useful when being deployed at environments using RES Workspace Manager. Library files are to be located next to the executable, and the executable is not able to load dll files from other folders.
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2016-06-08 15:01

administrator   ~0000602

Upon an installation of this new distribution method, the existing 'modules\*.dll' are deleted and replaced by bin-files.

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