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0000096CaseTalk ModelerGeneration (SQL, XML, etc)public2012-05-25 12:18
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Product Version6.15 
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Summary0000096: Shortest columnnames may even be shorter
DescriptionThe student apprenticeship example, once glr'd, contains a table with a column for the project description.

The full path for this may be:
- project, project_description, description

It would be nicer to compress similar texts. A path element name which is similar to the head of the next, of the tail of the previous, this may be compressed further.

It may lead to simply:
- project_description
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related to 0000083 resolvedwobben Solve the column name algorithm 




2012-05-21 15:01

administrator   ~0000056

Added a user preference
- full_path: full conceptual role path
- short_path: shortest possible role path, remaining unique
- compressed_path: similar to short_path, yet compressing repeating names


2012-05-25 12:18

administrator   ~0000067

View the demo at

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