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0000913CaseTalk ModelerUser Interfacepublic2016-03-17 10:00
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Target VersionFutureFixed in Version8.8.1 
Summary0000913: Create empty new subtype is not possible
DescriptionWhen 'creating a subtype', the dialog for this action, requires a role to be selected to come down to this subtype. In some cases no role is required, because the user may decide to add this later in the process.

Therefor the dialog should not prohibit it.
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2016-03-17 09:58


new_subtype.png (57,976 bytes)
new_subtype.png (57,976 bytes)


2016-03-17 09:59

administrator   ~0000543

A new subtype now enables to do this without selecting roles. It'll automatically create a proper supertype OTE, and a subtype OTE containing the name of the subtype in soft semantics.

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