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0000842CaseTalk ModelerModel Transformation (GLR)public2016-01-20 13:21
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Target Version8.6.1Fixed in Version8.6.1 
Summary0000842: Lexicalizing always reduces unused Object Types
DescriptionIf the OTFT property "Reduce Override" is set to "Do not reduce", an OTFT can still be reduced. The reducing of unused OTFT always occurs, even when only lexicalization is applied.
Steps To ReproduceIntroduce an ObjectType which is only played by binary facts. This ObjectType should have no FTE's and the user override set to "Don't Reduce". Perform GLR (GL is enough).

The ObjectType will be reduced immediately after lexicalizing.
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related to 0000844 resolvedBCP Software Reduce Proposal doesn't seem to work 


BCP Software

BCP Software

2016-01-18 16:24


reduce-override-error.png (61,500 bytes)
reduce-override-error.png (61,500 bytes)
BCP Software

BCP Software

2016-01-19 16:27

administrator   ~0000502

GL already reduces unused Object Types. CaseTalk should explicitly reduce during "R" and not implicitly during "L". The theory does not require "R" when it is done implicitly. However making it explicit increases users flexibility. The behaviour of CaseTalk when performing just "GL" will change, therefor a new minor version number is required.

Also the user setting for "Reduce" on the OTFT, is now honored. (Yet only once "R" is called)

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