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0000818CaseTalk ModelerGeneration (SQL, XML, etc)public2018-02-05 10:23
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Summary0000818: ComplexTypes in DBMS
DescriptionSome ObjectTypes containing more than a single role, may be represented by a complextype in some DBMS's. For instance a coordinate system containing both X and Y. Instead of having to columns, some DBMS's may contain this in a single column of the coordinate data type.
Additional InformationUpon GLR and Script generation, conceptual paths could be recognized and collapsed according to complex type names.
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2018-01-29 11:12

administrator   ~0001095

A check could be placed upon Object Types, stating it should be a complex type, and not broken down in separate grouped and lexicalized roles. In NO-SQL environments this could even become a nested Object.

In case a RDBMS does not support the complex type, it could still flatten it as if it doesn't exist.


2018-01-29 11:13

administrator   ~0001096

Visually the solid line of the Object Type in diagrams, could be drawn as a dotted line, similar to Label Types. This should not effect the validation rules, since some DBMS's may still require these to be checked.


2018-02-05 10:23

administrator   ~0001111

Non grouped or reduced object types may be considered complex types if the target platform supports them. PostgreSQL supports multiple variations of complex types. So this might be a good starting point for testing. For instance the JSON datatype.

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