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0000817CaseTalk ModelerModel Validationpublic2016-12-15 16:46
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Summary0000817: Split FactType with 1 UC and more than 2 roles
DescriptionFacts which are properly created according to the N-1 rule, may still contain invalid modeling. Every FactType with more than 2 roles, and a single UC (non overlapping with others) over more than 1 role, is candidate to be nominalized.

Therefor the roles under the UC should be split into a seperate ObjectType.
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related to 0000461 assignedwobben CaseTalk Modeler Split OTFT into two 




2015-12-11 17:57


nominalize_n-1.png (21,983 bytes)
nominalize_n-1.png (21,983 bytes)


2015-12-11 18:33

administrator   ~0000488


The new fco-im book, mentions on page 162 a violation of the N-1 Rule. Among the examples is "Employee on Project for Department". The N-1 rule violation is related to the UC6. However if the UC 4 is properly nominalised, there would be no need for this violation to be mentioned.

Therefor the question arises: Should we nominalise role 37+38 into "Project for Department", or consider this N-1 rule ineffective since it is in effect a binary fact, combining "Employee" and "Project for Department"?


2016-02-22 15:25

administrator   ~0000525

Besides the discussion for checking this, a generic functionality could be to nominalize a group of selected roles (as long as they "match").

- A group of roles within the same facttype may be selected for nominalisation
- A group of roles in multiple facttypes, should match playedbyot's, and than could be nominalised.


2016-10-24 17:49

administrator   ~0000674

Split Fact Type is now available from the menu. Precondition is that the verbalisation requires the roles under the UC to be adjacent.

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