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0000744CaseTalk ModelerImport and Exportpublic2015-11-17 10:39
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Summary0000744: Hierarchical formats require a root selection
DescriptionHierarchical formats like xml for soap calls, require a root instance (type) to make the selection. A graph or network like structure does not provide for this. A diagram as selection could be used as a type selection, but still require a root as starting point.
Additional InformationWorkaround before a final decision or solution is made:
Perhaps the name of the diagram, corresponding to the root otft, would be an easy way to start.
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2015-11-17 10:39

administrator   ~0000470

Idea: A simple property added to the diagram itself may specify which FactType is supposed to be the root. The validation should check if all FactTypes are connected in this hierarchy before implementing any hierarchy related operation. Also the FactType should be visually marked so the user will recognize it.

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