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0000673CaseTalk ModelerRepositorypublic2017-03-14 08:12
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Target Version8.14Fixed in Version8.14 
Summary0000673: Extend with custom annotations
DescriptionCurrently CaseTalk only supports "comment". However according to (for instance OWL) a more elaborate set for annotations may be convenient.

- comment
- definition
- ...

Additional Information

    rdfs:subClassOf - the subject is a subclass of a class
    rdfs:subPropertyOf - the subject is a subproperty of a property
    rdfs:domain - a domain of the subject property
    rdfs:range - a range of the subject property
    rdfs:label - a human-readable name for the subject
    rdfs:comment - a description of the subject resource
    rdfs:member - a member of the subject resource
    rdfs:seeAlso - further information about the subject resource
    rdfs:isDefinedBy - the definition of the subject resource
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related to 0000804 closedBCP Software CaseTalk Modeler Add custom attribute type Memo 


BCP Software

BCP Software

2016-09-21 23:39


BCP Software

BCP Software

2016-09-21 23:40

administrator   ~0000642


Shows how to implement an ini-file like text which can be pulled in various tabs with memo's. The issue at hand would be to standardise the sections used to prevent item and comment specific sections.
BCP Software

BCP Software

2016-10-03 15:23

administrator   ~0000658

When entering a line starting with [ and ending with ], a section is automatically added.
BCP Software

BCP Software

2016-10-03 17:41


CustomAnnotations.png (52,544 bytes)
CustomAnnotations.png (52,544 bytes)

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