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0000668CaseTalk ModelerValidationpublic2021-02-26 15:51
ReporterBCP Software Assigned ToBCP Software  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.5 
Target VersionFutureFixed in Version9.5.2 
Summary0000668: Validation of N and N-1 rule should include OTE awareness
DescriptionValidation of N and N-1 rules do not consider existing OTE's. Creating generalized object types includes multiple OTE's which have seperate UC's. Therefor the N and N-1 rule may not be violated, in contrast with the rules.
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related to 0001492 assignedBCP Software Extend support for generalization 
related to 0000461 assignedBCP Software Split OTFT into two 
related to 0001596 assignedBCP Software UC Wizard on generalized objects fails 
related to 0002880 closedBCP Software Generalizations should not trigger N-Rule 


BCP Software

BCP Software

2017-11-15 11:17

administrator   ~0001037

The attached images shows how a generalized OTFT contains warnings on both UC's and OTE's. Which is odd, since according to generalized structures, this should be okay. Therefor this issue illustrates a different validation approach may be required.

Perhaps reducing the warning to simply "a generalized otft exists"?
N-Rule-Generalization.png (18,777 bytes)   
N-Rule-Generalization.png (18,777 bytes)   
BCP Software

BCP Software

2017-11-15 15:13

administrator   ~0001038

The BETA release will contain OTE/UC combination awareness for validation. See attached image N-Rule-Generalization-New.png.
N-Rule-Generalization-New.png (26,094 bytes)   
N-Rule-Generalization-New.png (26,094 bytes)   
BCP Software

BCP Software

2017-11-15 22:08

administrator   ~0001039

The N-Rule is now processing the PERSON correctly. Yet another generalization exists in CITIZEN, and the N-1 Rule might need work to process expressions too.
N1-Rule_FactType.png (24,297 bytes)   
N1-Rule_FactType.png (24,297 bytes)   
BCP Software

BCP Software

2018-01-29 13:48

administrator   ~0001097

UC Wizard places wide UC on Object Type Roles. This should be OTE aware as well.
Similar the Solve function for the UC Validation Rule.
BCP Software

BCP Software

2019-02-18 09:56

administrator   ~0001376

Object Types and the N-Rule are now OTE aware. Fact Types have improved N-1-Rule detection.

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