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0000662CaseTalk ModelerUser Interfacepublic2015-05-05 11:54
ReporterwobbenAssigned Towobben 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version8.1.3 
Target Version9.0Fixed in Version8.2.1 
Summary0000662: CaseTalk performance degrading
DescriptionWhen CaseTalk opens a repository containing more than 1000 OTFT's, the gui slows down. This seems to be related to synchronizing the sql repository. The new architecture using multiple attached databases require physical db files which are slower.
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2015-05-04 11:16

administrator   ~0000380

Perhaps the sqlite dml should be run in a seperate thread to not interfere with gui operations. Former implementation only build a cache which was only executed when needed (aka sql window is visible).


2015-05-05 11:52

administrator   ~0000381

The slowdown for approximately 1000 OTFT's can reach a freeze period of almost a minute when loading or editing the repository.


2015-05-05 11:54

administrator   ~0000382

Speed degradation has been brought down from 50 seconds to a subsecond response.

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