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0000006CaseTalk ModelerUser Interfacepublic2011-11-04 10:36
ReporterrarntzAssigned Towobben 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target Version6.6Fixed in Version6.6 
Summary0000006: Cancel and OK, do the same thing
DescriptionEditing a Object Type name does not honor the Cancel button when renaming it into something that already exists.
Steps To ReproduceSelect an Object Type in the Repository window.
Select Rename in the context menu.
Rename it into as an already existing Object Type.
Try to Cancel this dialog.

Workaround, Cancel the dialog using the Escape key.
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2008-08-14 13:12

administrator   ~0000004

User interface design contained a flaw. The name collision prevented the user to leave the name edit box. This warning is now moved to the moment where the user presses the OK button.

This allows the Cancel button to be pressed just as well.

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