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0000492CaseTalk ModelerModel Expressionspublic2018-01-17 16:05
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Product Version8.0.3 
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Summary0000492: Replace expression substitution
DescriptionCaseTalk allows replacing expressions and otft's. What's missing is to be able to edit or alter the substitution rules in expression substitutions. Please add a possibility for this.
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BCP Software

BCP Software

2014-06-25 13:13


ctk_subst_issue.png (29,424 bytes)
ctk_subst_issue.png (29,424 bytes)
BCP Software

BCP Software

2014-06-25 13:15

administrator   ~0000279

The example shows two substitution paths for expression F1. This cannot be altered unless the expressions are deleted and added again. An option to simply delete a single occurrence would be a start.

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