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0000461CaseTalk ModelerRepositorypublic2018-05-03 10:38
ReporterwobbenAssigned Towobben 
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Summary0000461: Split OTFT into two
DescriptionOnce expressions from more than one namespace fuse in a single OTFT, the OTFT cannot be edited. It is deriserable therefor to be able to split this OTFT into two distinct names to allow editing.

This feature is similar to the Label-Split wizard, but operates on a Fact or Object type level.

The default split should be reflecting the seperate namespaces.
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related to 0000668 assignedwobben Validation of N and N-1 rule should include OTE awareness 
has duplicate 0000505 closedwobben How to split object type? 
related to 0000817 resolvedwobben Split FactType with 1 UC and more than 2 roles 
child of 0000306 assignedwobben Implement subdomain support 




2014-09-25 12:34

administrator   ~0000292

Manual method should be documented.
- create subtype
- add new ot
- replace old ot with new ot.


2017-10-25 22:08

administrator   ~0001017

Also an OTFT which is a generalization, should be splittable (potentially duplicating roles where needed) according to the underlying expressions.

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