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0000391CaseTalk ModelerInstallationpublic2013-12-10 15:13
ReporterwobbenAssigned Towobben 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version8.0 
Target Version8.0Fixed in Version8.0 
Summary0000391: Install version 8 over version 7 reports invalid configuration file
DescriptionThe confguration file is not upward compatible. Perhaps v8 should upgrade and save under a new config file name to not corrupt v7 installs.
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2013-12-05 12:40

administrator   ~0000237

Since v8 upgrades it's fileformat, the config file can no longer be shared among v8 and v7. CaseTalk v8 should load it and save it under a new name.

Perhaps the folder of .casetalk should be upgraded to .casetalk8 to have both of them installed on a single computer environment.


2013-12-10 15:13

administrator   ~0000239

Configuration files are copied during installation and saved in ".../AppData/../CaseTalk8" instead of ".../.casetalk"

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