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0000306CaseTalk ModelerRepositorypublic2018-05-03 10:39
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Summary0000306: Implement subdomain support
DescriptionCaseTalk already supports multiple models through different files and projects. This could be extended further by linking between them through the use of so-called namespaces.
Additional InformationEvery new IG file will receive it's own namespace (technically using a GUID).

Once an OTFT is re-used in another IG, the original namespace remains on that imported OTFT.

CaseTalk can now easily recognize OTFT's from this or another namespace. All OTFT's from another namespace are considered not-owned, and therefor readonly.

Before an analist may alter this OTFT it has to import it into it's own namespace. (Technically resetting it's GUID).

Querying over multiple namespaces can only be done through the Manager where all model files are stored. A reference table has to be implement in the Modeler though. It should contain the imported GUIDs and their originating IG filename. That way analists may locate the source namespace even without the use of the Manager.
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2014-04-04 13:50

administrator   ~0000267

Namespace tags should be maintained on expressions. The OTFT can than derive the possible namespaces it is in, by resolving the underlying expressions.


2014-04-07 12:49

administrator   ~0000271

import and export of IG's require extending to support namespaces in expressions.


2015-05-07 13:38

administrator   ~0000385

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- Expressions from an external namespace are visualized with a "locked" icon.

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