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Summary0002154: Support external reference data
DescriptionBeing able to support external data would be helpful in validating the population without having to manually edit the population yourself. This linking could be a great way to import/export fixed data into the modeling environment.
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related to 0001513 assignedBCP Software Query external database for population checks 
related to 0002281 resolvedBCP Software Ability to navigate external data 
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BCP Software

BCP Software

2019-08-06 17:41

administrator   ~0001509

An option would be to "File\Import\Reference Data" to attach an XLS as a local SQLite database.
Or to be able to open an ODBC connection within the same attached manner.

This way linking population would be possible as (Copy+)Paste in the population editor window, but simply using "select from .......".

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