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0000207CaseTalk ModelerProjectpublic2013-01-04 11:28
ReporterwobbenAssigned Towobben 
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Product Version7.0.7 
Target Version7.0.8Fixed in Version7.0.8 
Summary0000207: Saving PRJ, IG and IGD on seperate disks leads to errors
DescriptionSaving the PRJ on C: and the IG and/or IGD on another disk, will block reopening the files and loop in errors that certain files already exist.

The user interface and feedback could be improved in such case.
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2013-01-03 14:15

administrator   ~0000136

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Steps to reproduce (at least one error):
1) Save PRJ on C:
2) Save IG on Z:
3) Save IGD on C:
4) Close IGD
An AV will occur, and the PRJ will not exist.



2013-01-03 14:19

administrator   ~0000137

Another step to reproduce (at least a different error):
1) Save PRJ on C:
2) Save IG on Z:
3) Save IGD on C:
4) Save ALL
The IG is requested to be saved (again!!) Something appears to be wrong here.


2013-01-04 11:28

administrator   ~0000140

Internal code assumed the IG file would always be in the project folder, and removed the path from the file reference. This rendered the reference to a non existing file, resulting in several non-consistent errors.

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