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Summary0001901: Draw generalized super types with arrow
DescriptionGeneralized Object Types are not always a supertype. Yet, when a Object Type is set to be, it should draw an subtype arrow when possible.
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related to 0001975 resolvedBCP Software OWL - Recognize generalized super types 


BCP Software

BCP Software

2018-11-28 11:17

administrator   ~0001332

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Current repository storage only allows object types to marked as a subtype if the playedbyrole is played by an object type. When a generalized object type is attached to that, this object type could be the supertype. There's no way to enable the indicator for that. Perhaps the generalized object type could receive a function to mark all connected object types to become subtypes?

BCP Software

BCP Software

2018-11-28 11:46

administrator   ~0001334

How to expand the repository and diagram style to support the abstract supertype.
(And add support for a TC over the subtypes.)

generalizedSupertype.png (63,729 bytes)
generalizedSupertype.png (63,729 bytes)

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