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0001557CaseTalk ModelerConstraintspublic2021-02-27 09:45
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Summary0001557: Primary key on grouped level
DescriptionPrimary key is only available on UC's inside an OTFT. However a binary fact type with two UC's could contain a preferred primary key, and this binary fact type is outside an Object Type.

Instead of setting an UC's as a Primary Key preference, the OTFT should allow any UC from a grouped view, to be candidate for primary key. This marked UC should then perhaps be visualized as a thicker arrow.
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BCP Software

BCP Software

2018-01-16 12:10

administrator   ~0001073

When GLR is performed and a primary key is automatically selected, perhaps we should prefer the non-null roles, and the smallest amount of roles under a relevant uc. To prefer similar sets, we could choose for the oldest (as in lowest role numbers).
BCP Software

BCP Software

2021-02-27 09:45

administrator   ~0001911

Instead of using the term "Primary Key" (which is a database implementation term) the more generic "Preferred Identification" should be used. This would allow the change of current PK when transforming to use the "Preferred" instead. Which, by design, may be outside an OT.

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