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0000131CaseTalk ModelerUser Interfacepublic2014-03-02 12:43
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Summary0000131: Rolenumbers are obsolete and should be hidden
DescriptionThe role numbers puzzle many new users. They are artificial in nature. The new well-formedness rule which requires semantically unique roles, the number of the role itself is no longer useful.

It is a technical requirement to store the model and the rolepaths in a relational database. Therefor it shows again there's no conceptual purpose. It is there for what FCO-IM methodology calls 'doping'.

They are allowed in the internal repository, but should be removed from the eyes of the users.
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related to 0000432 assignedwobben Show rolename instead of rolenumber 




2012-08-31 12:02

administrator   ~0000097

The role editor dialog now displays the semantic part in the list in addition to the role number.

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