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0001114CaseTalk ModelerRepositorypublic2017-03-06 17:11
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Target VersionFutureFixed in Version8.18 
Summary0001114: Support for managing sets of custom attributes
DescriptionCurrently the custom attributes can be defined on tool level which are implemented as soon as a new project is started. And custom attributes on a project level which are saved as a separate set inside the project file.

There's not enough support to extract definition from project to tool level, or the other way around, or even merging sets of definitions.
Additional InformationWhen removing attributes or categories from the project definition list, it should check the existing values and warn for it as well.
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related to 0001180 resolvedwobben Manage custom attribute definitions like diagram styles 




2017-03-06 17:11

administrator   ~0000740

The main menu "Repository\Custom Attributes" contains items to manage sets, similar to diagram styles.

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