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0001083CaseTalk ModelerGeneration (SQL, XML, etc)public2016-09-30 12:01
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Summary0001083: Cassandra Database support
DescriptionCan a Cassandra CQL plugin be added? The script is rather similar to SQL, with some minor and major differences.
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2016-09-28 14:33

administrator   ~0000648

Composite primary keys for clustering can easily be generated by CaseTalk: Using the full rolepath for columns, it can nest columns to their initial place in the conceptual model. This will provide for proper clustering in Cassandra.


2016-09-28 14:51

administrator   ~0000649

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Perhaps a grouped model should be used in CaseTalk?

And try to optimize for queries. Master/Detail prepared table definitions and lookup tables for the one-to-many relationships.

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