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0001053CaseTalk ModelerRepositorypublic2017-04-09 20:00
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Target VersionFutureFixed in Version8.20 
Summary0001053: Add Object Type - quickly
DescriptionWhen 'sketching' the fco-im model, one may use fake object type expressions like

"Person P1"

It would be great to simply be able to add "person" and have CaseTalk populate the default expression and label type for this. Concepts can be added before the domain experts have their information complete.

By skipping the population for these, CaseTalk will remind the user to check these OTFT's later on in the process.
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related to 0001084 resolvedwobben CaseTalk Modeler Quickly create Object Type lacks name in soft semantics 




2017-04-09 19:59

administrator   ~0000825

Adding an ObjectType "Abc" should create a LabelType "AbcID". If "AbcID" already exists, it's all functioning well. If absent, a failure occurs.

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