Scheduled For Release 2106-02-07
0001669: [Application] Graph versions and links (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001434: [Application] Check version update report (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001433: [Application] Namespace/Version links reversal (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001155: [Application] Delete project does not delete properly (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000318: [Application] Older diagrams not checked in (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000969: [Application] Redundant checkin with unchanged files (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000895: [Application] Support for storing igg settings (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000745: [Application] Publish server information through webservice/app (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000269: [Application] Feature for IG (or version) removal is absent (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001526: [SQL Server] Store additional SC information (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000943: [Application] Show full dependancy and usage tree (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000926: [Documentation] Tutorial is absent (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001026: [Application] Detect installed schema version (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000948: [Application] Report on projects vs members/users (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000781: [Installation] ini file in wrong folder (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000222: [SQL Server] Support for custom file extensions from the Viewer (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000860: [Application] Support PNG coming from the Modeler (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000802: [Application] Windows Taskbar preview (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000279: [Application] String is empty (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000336: [Application] Automatically open proper Project (BCP Software) - closed.
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