Scheduled For Release 2020-05-29
0000288: [General] Reopening UML diagrams loads wrong cardinality (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000531: [General] Support Graph drawing for OWL export from CaseTalk (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000347: [General] Allow opening CaseTalk Modeler Diagrams (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000090: [General] Enabled drag and drop of multiple items at once. (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000089: [General] Grey out the already displayed elements (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001485: [General] UML Property Cardinality [*] is missing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001394: [General] Provide expression in UML Classes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001395: [General] Show domains for attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001062: [General] Include samples in table documentation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000820: [General] Include expressions in tables (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000806: [General] ERD Show weak relationships as dashed line (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000798: [General] Show version (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000295: [General] XE4 Upgrade (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000300: [General] Derivable UML Attributes notation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000220: [General] Use different file extensions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001498: [General] A 1-1 foreign key gets displayed as if N-N (BCP Software) - closed.
0000104: [General] Selection while zooming works incorrectly (BCP Software) - closed.
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