Scheduled For Release 2106-02-07
0001526: [SQL Server] Store additional SC information (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001434: [Application] Check version update report (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001433: [Application] Namespace/Version links reversal (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001155: [Application] Delete project does not delete properly (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000318: [Application] Older diagrams not checked in (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000969: [Application] Redundant checkin with unchanged files (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000895: [Application] Support for storing igg settings (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000745: [Application] Publish server information through webservice/app (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000269: [Application] Feature for IG (or version) removal is absent (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000943: [Application] Show full dependancy and usage tree (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000926: [Documentation] Tutorial is absent (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001026: [Application] Detect installed schema version (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000948: [Application] Report on projects vs members/users (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000781: [Installation] ini file in wrong folder (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000222: [SQL Server] Support for custom file extensions from the Viewer (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000860: [Application] Support PNG coming from the Modeler (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000802: [Application] Windows Taskbar preview (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000279: [Application] String is empty (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000336: [Application] Automatically open proper Project (BCP Software) - closed.
10 of 19 issue(s) resolved. Progress (52%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2018-07-31
0001661: [Model Validation] A undo is performed while model validation starts (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000047: [Other] Color code implementation status (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001639: [User Interface] Click Namespace may slow CaseTalk (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000308: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate database views (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001564: [User Interface] Create Subtype should create FTE (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001525: [Repository] Promote the SC hack to storage (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000492: [Model Expressions] Replace expression substitution (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000656: [Other] Derive DataTypes during parsing expression (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000306: [Repository] Implement subdomain support (BCP Software) - assigned.
      0000462: [Import and Export] Embed used namespaces in IG (BCP Software) - assigned.
      0000457: [Import and Export] Export and import namespace identifier (BCP Software) - resolved.
      0000736: [User Interface] Highlight OTFT's from external namespaces (BCP Software) - resolved.
      0000461: [Repository] Split OTFT into two (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000741: [Repository] Generalized OTFT should have at least one TC (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000594: [Diff and Merge] Merging does not take in the TC's (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000515: [Model Expressions] UC placed during recursive QuaCla is not extended (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000791: [Diagrams] Show OTFT with special icons (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001659: [Model Validation] Check the population against the subset constraints (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001658: [User Interface] Cancelling the SC Editor undoes edits (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001554: [Model Validation] Validate population against Totality Constraints (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001657: [User Interface] Change behaviour for Well formedness rules show "more..." (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000516: [Model Validation] Add well formednes rule for UC and population (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001656: [Repository] Display spaces as dots, ends up on sql repository (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001655: [Other] Canvas does not allow drawing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001654: [User Interface] Unlock OTFT without removing namespace (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001653: [User Interface] Position sql cursor using error messages (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001651: [Project] Corrupt diagram hard to remove from project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001624: [Customization] Improve sql script storage handling (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001650: [Model Validation] Idle model edits not fixable unless reopened (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001628: [Repository] Replace OTFT deletes too much (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001649: [Diagrams] Change effect of "Delete OTFT" from diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001648: [User Interface] Copy tree expression uses wrong font (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000687: [Diff and Merge] Datatype settings not merged (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001629: [Project] Fail to Save all with corrupt IGD on disk (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001646: [Diagrams] Always allow lines to be rerouted (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001643: [Model Expressions] Classify already classified roles (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001644: [User Interface] Use Windows Action Center to show notifications (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001645: [Model Expressions] Autofocus ObjectFactName when selecting an expressionpart (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001640: [Project] Disconnected IGD inconsistencies (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001641: [Repository] The SQL table "Area" is not in sync with (dis)connected diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001625: [Customization] Error dialog after "INSERT INTO" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001636: [Project] Closing an IG will disconnect the IGD (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001632: [User Interface] Drag and drop onto Diagram Notes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001637: [Project] Removable Media Files are erased from Reopen Menu (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001635: [Diagrams] Improve readability of Diagram Expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001633: [Diagrams] Various navigation menu items (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001631: [User Interface] Show disconnected diagrams as disabled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001630: [Diagrams] Export diagram bitmaps in high res (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001626: [Customization] Default CustomRules.sql incorrect documentation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001634: [User Interface] Cannot move or resize OTFT Property Dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001391: [Diff and Merge] Merging does not overwrite custom attributes values (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001576: [User Interface] Linking richtext with large models is slow (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001196: [User Interface] Custom Attribute definition for the file properties (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001298: [Other] Out of memory (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001157: [Project] Add new files from project window (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001076: [User Interface] Resource leak (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001158: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generating model files from project window (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001045: [User Interface] Create new subtype from main menu (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000817: [Model Validation] Split FactType with 1 UC and more than 2 roles (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000448: [Diagrams] Drag diagrams to a new IG will distort the diagram contents (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001043: [User Interface] Allow quick edit of single line in expression file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001046: [User Interface] GLR contains obsolete proposals (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001044: [User Interface] Subtype tab inactive on IGG (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000740: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Autoselect PrimaryKey on non optional roles (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001011: [User Interface] User interface changes not saved (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001004: [Project] Empty card readers block startup (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001002: [User Interface] Task font in settings resets (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001003: [Diagrams] Highlighting not disabled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000992: [User Interface] Alter UI for highlighting in repository window (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000940: [User Interface] Datatype not shown when LabelType is selected (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000993: [User Interface] Rename Diagram Sync to "(Dis)Connect" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000994: [Diagrams] Syncing shows issue where duplicate OTFT may occur (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000991: [Model Expressions] Business rule verbalizations incomplete (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000995: [Diagrams] Drag and drop of Alias/Rolefix onto diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000975: [Diagrams] After IG and IGD checkout, the IGD shows wrong result (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000978: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate both PowerDesigner CDM and PDM (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000979: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner (v11+) changed entity relation direction (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000976: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner script contains redundant information (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000980: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Range values for domain in PowerDesigner fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000977: [Project] Open project file in text editor (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000651: [Diagrams] Diagram sometimes opens with error dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000583: [User Interface] Show rolefixes for ObjectTypes as alias in the list (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000981: [User Interface] Improve Attach and Detach menu items (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000967: [Import and Export] Support import of Excel files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000166: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Support old style naming algorithms (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000909: [Import and Export] Import IG(G)X (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000797: [Repository] SQL Repository shows both IG and IGG contents (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000849: [User Interface] Single Document Interface does not work (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000643: [Model Constraints] Verbalizing subset constraints fails with multiple roleparts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000858: [User Interface] Delete SC results in A.V. (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000859: [User Interface] Subset Editor shows inconsistent behaviour (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000731: [User Interface] Show all loaded modules and plugins (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000838: [User Interface] Model generation plugins unsorted (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000644: [Diagrams] Remove ghost OTFT's keeps prompting, or removes anyway (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000623: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Derivable Subtypes not grouped (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000657: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] OTFT Documentation shows wrong substitution level (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000660: [User Interface] Project Directories should be Environment Options (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000581: [Repository] OTFT Alias not shown in the repository list (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000667: [Model Validation] Optimize validation rules for speed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000649: [User Interface] Rearrange options menuitems (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000658: [Diagrams] Diagram not brought to front while dragging (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000778: [Model Expressions] Repository window contains custom attribute "ÿ" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000730: [User Interface] Startup dialog shows absent projects (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000628: [Model Constraints] Rules verbalization does not use "<" and ">" for type names (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000642: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] The generation plugin window does not disable items (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000659: [User Interface] Role and Fact Table Editor locks repository (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000648: [User Interface] Show other options for shortest path selection (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000624: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Not all expressions are using the Column Naming algorithm (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000612: [User Interface] Improve subset editor dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000625: [User Interface] Menu UC Wizard does not work (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000616: [User Interface] UC Editor lacks semantics (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000800: [Import and Export] Export flag for legacy GLR'ed IGG file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000815: [User Interface] Windows positions not saved (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000636: [Model Expressions] Canceling new expression file leaves a window open (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000795: [Other] Diagram closes and disappears from project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000796: [Diagrams] Draw subtype relation when user has set it (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000524: [Diagrams] Group context menu to add Related OTFT's in diagram. (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000805: [Diagrams] Unchanged diagrams require save (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000766: [Installation] During re-installation a request to overwrite "casetalk.chm" appears (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000764: [User Interface] Support mouse scroll wheel to zoom in diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000762: [User Interface] Taskbar screen preview only shows main window (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000775: [User Interface] Merge wizard contains old bitmaps (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000777: [User Interface] Subtype Wizard clear error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000774: [User Interface] Improve readability of Subtype wizard (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000776: [User Interface] UC Wizard shows expressions overlapping (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000773: [Model Transformation (GLR)] GLR on partial model (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000765: [Diagrams] Split model based upon diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000763: [User Interface] Canceling the TC wizard results in A.V. (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000771: [Import and Export] Export dbf of csv require another folder level (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000767: [User Interface] Startup dialog does not save window size (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000770: [User Interface] Progress indicator without label (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000769: [User Interface] Repository window shows wrong hints (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000768: [User Interface] Expression Edit Dialog seems readonly (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000759: [Diagrams] Population editor results in index error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000755: [Model Expressions] Expression 'Rename' should be called 'Edit' (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000758: [Diff and Merge] Description of OTFT is not merged (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000735: [User Interface] Undo only undoes model changes without warning (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000630: [User Interface] Show custom attributes in the OTFT detail panel (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000737: [User Interface] Use the Wizards instead of the quick dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000738: [User Interface] Enhance the TC Wizard to be more clear to the user (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000739: [User Interface] Improve some expression input button captions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000637: [User Interface] Declare default action upon adding new repository (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000629: [Project] Reopen project form startup does nothing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000615: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Derivable expression indicator missing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000611: [User Interface] Webupdate dialog "disconnected" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000633: [User Interface] GLR settings says "FDjust" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000652: [Project] Put most recently opened project on top (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000622: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Group Derived Subtypes setting not saved (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000608: [Installation] Missing SQLite script generation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000653: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Table Documentation not refreshed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000620: [Model Validation] Rolefixes should not collide with OTFT Names or Aliases (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000609: [Diff and Merge] Repository merge sometimes crashes on absent paths (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000650: [Model Expressions] Edit expression at object type level not possible (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000662: [User Interface] CaseTalk performance degrading (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000655: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Table Documentation does not reflect naming algorithm (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001623: [Customization] Automatically apply SQL updates (or rollback) (BCP Software) - closed.
0001135: [Model Expressions] Classify an already qualified expression part (BCP Software) - closed.
0001627: [Repository] Apply SQL to IG refreshes custom queries (BCP Software) - closed.
0000519: [Diagrams] Diagram context menu for Expand/Collapse OTFT (BCP Software) - closed.
0001020: [Diagrams] Diagram synchronization wizard (BCP Software) - closed.
0000645: [Import and Export] Educational edition can no longer reverse engineer a database (BCP Software) - closed.
0000473: [Installation] Create CaseTalk Home folder for all projects (BCP Software) - closed.
0000537: [User Interface] Closing a window sometimes zombies it (BCP Software) - closed.
0000837: [User Interface] Add used namespaces to filtering options (BCP Software) - closed.
0000486: [User Interface] Changing role fix method requires two clicks (BCP Software) - closed.
0000617: [User Interface] Alias may not be existing otft name (BCP Software) - closed.
0000626: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Backward compatible naming conventions do not fully match (BCP Software) - closed.
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Scheduled For Release 2100-01-01
Future unscheduled changes and fixes
0000101: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Generate artificial keys for database tables (BCP Software) - confirmed.
0001306: [Import and Export] Prevent circular dependancy in namespaces (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001492: [Repository] Extend support for generalization (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000760: [Diff and Merge] Merge other repositories leads to duplicates in population (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000437: [Diff and Merge] Compare two IG(G) files using dual list diff dialog (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000453: [User Interface] Supply a Redo feature in addition to Undo. (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000478: [Import and Export] Export both IGG and IG simultaneously (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000132: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Recursive structures must be doped (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000668: [Model Validation] Validation of N and N-1 rule should include OTE awareness (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000818: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ComplexTypes in DBMS (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001582: [Other] Map roles to roles in other models (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001557: [Model Constraints] Primary key on grouped level (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001556: [Printing and Reporting] Complete business report (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001551: [Diff and Merge] Support IGG diff (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001546: [Project] Support regional settings (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001540: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support TimescaleDB (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000298: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate DML script with examples (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000243: [Repository] Rolepaths (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000663: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate nosql scripts (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001514: [Model Expressions] Support import/export of expression trees in text format (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001513: [Model Validation] Query external database for population checks (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001497: [Model Expressions] Start UC/TC wizards on last expression when parsing multiple at once (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001495: [Model Expressions] Insert OTE, should include FTE's with a wide UC (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001482: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Datatype mapping table missing (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000822: [Repository] ORM modeling allows role names (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001245: [Project] Save a snapshot of an IG(G) (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001356: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Apache Cassandra Database (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001355: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Static population should generate INSERTs (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001199: [User Interface] Refactor a Object/Fact Type by adding a role (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001248: [Repository] Custom Attribute Category add a Caption (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001208: [Other] Support Status/Task in user interface (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001119: [Model Validation] Nominalisation test should extend deeper (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001128: [Repository] OTFT Namespace Linking (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001125: [Import and Export] Import of IGDX to recover other file formats (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001100: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Data Vault Physical Model Generation (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001083: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Cassandra Database support (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001086: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Provide support for query definition (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000819: [Repository] Custom Attribute value enumerated by existing OTFT Names (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000916: [Repository] Custom Attribute type to link other OTFT's (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000855: [Installation] Show online content (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001027: [Other] Add some support for BPM (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000917: [Repository] Multi-lingual model support (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000124: [Import and Export] Export database model to Erwin/PowerDesigner (BCP Software) - assigned.
      0000848: [Import and Export] Export database model to PowerDesigner (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000972: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support datamodel script to Mendix (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000973: [Other] Connect to online account (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000861: [Import and Export] Publish models on a community site (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000934: [Project] Add Files to Version Manager does nothing (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000923: [Repository] OTFT for System tables (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000918: [Import and Export] Namespaces also require versioning (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000889: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Complex subsets not generated as SQL (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000857: [Repository] Add start- and expiration date to repository items (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000481: [Repository] Implement stereotypes for pattern re-use (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000677: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL classes incomplete (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000598: [Diff and Merge] Merge models based upon selected expressions (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000599: [Diff and Merge] Merging using drag and drop (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000621: [Diagrams] Draw other diagrams as linked symbol (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000618: [Repository] Make rolefixes obsolete (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000833: [Diagrams] Custom Attributes in Diagram (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000831: [Repository] Custom Attributes with Options should contain Labels (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000830: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Teradata DBMS (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000829: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Netezza DBMS (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000816: [Other] Generalized OTFT should generate artificial key (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000794: [User Interface] New diagram gets lost upon Cancel (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000789: [Installation] Invalid Registration Names (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000744: [Import and Export] Hierarchical formats require a root selection (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000788: [Installation] Support for Windows searchable content (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000787: [Model Expressions] Support for multilingual in verbalizing rules (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000785: [Repository] Semantically equivalent transformation (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000756: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MongoDB script (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000679: [Model Expressions] Prompt for subtype indication (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000674: [Model Expressions] Selecting expressionpart may suggest OTFT (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000610: [Diff and Merge] Merge Replace fails if population mismatches (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000595: [Diff and Merge] Merge repository and also add diagrams (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000535: [User Interface] Naming conventions (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000563: [Repository] Regional formatting population (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000506: [Model Expressions] Alter or replace substitutions (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000504: [Model Expressions] Support more expression pasting formats (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000489: [Model Validation] Add warning for subtype name in supertype expression (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000454: [Import and Export] Link external schema to model for reporting (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000131: [User Interface] Rolenumbers are obsolete and should be hidden (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000432: [Diagrams] Show rolename instead of rolenumber (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000438: [Model Expressions] Expression input assistent could request clarification for identical PlayedBy roles (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000405: [User Interface] Constraints cannot be made from Repository Window (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000389: [User Interface] Constraint Assistent during QuaCla should ask for subtypes (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000352: [Diagrams] Display subset constraint parts bidirectional (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000120: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Create a binairy fact with subtype indications (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000276: [Model Expressions] Configure which expessions get shown in the diagram window tab (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000341: [Diagrams] Color indications for GLR proposals (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000340: [Diagrams] Draw subset constraints (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000337: [Project] Synchronize Modeler and Manager (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000307: [Repository] Facttypes with a limited lifetime (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000181: [Diagrams] Reposition roles automatically (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000290: [Diagrams] Print other diagram tabs (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000275: [User Interface] Implement Prototype application (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000230: [Other] Cannot open multiple IG files (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000224: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Always GLR to implementation (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000209: [User Interface] Full text search window (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000187: [Model Expressions] Expression pattern matching for previous OTE (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000179: [Model Expressions] Adding duplicate tuples (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000162: [Project] The manager maintains a more restrictive project structure (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000064: [Model Expressions] Generate expressions using mixed type and label level (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000274: [Model Validation] Implement sql based rules (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001444: [Installation] First time installers should configure first (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001543: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Denodo Materialized Tables (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000092: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MsAccess value contraints rule problem (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001555: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Incomplete population in generated DML scripts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000590: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Show documentation for Label lexicalization (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001445: [Installation] Portable Shared App, support lock for start (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001446: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Show tuples in PowerDesigner scripts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001354: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support PostgreSQL (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000953: [User Interface] Show diagrams as tabs in a single window (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000700: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD contains no relations between complexTypes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000779: [User Interface] Mail zipped project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000632: [Diagrams] Subset constraints in diagram shows too many roles (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001053: [Repository] Add Object Type - quickly (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000381: [User Interface] Dockable windows (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001114: [Repository] Support for managing sets of custom attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001063: [Model Validation] Mark computer generated expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001072: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Denodo Data Virtualization scripts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000221: [Project] Support for custom file extensions from the Viewer (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000899: [Project] Implement different project archive timeschedule (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000913: [User Interface] Create empty new subtype is not possible (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000910: [Import and Export] Export HTML with embedded images (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000790: [Repository] Custom Attribute Type Boolean has no enumeration (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000721: [User Interface] Shortest path as diagram function (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000394: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate XSD per diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000401: [User Interface] Replace buttons in Expression Input Dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000567: [Model Validation] Unreferenced tuples should raise a warning (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000011: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Table Documentation Export (BCP Software) - closed.
0000614: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Request for more documentation and annotation (BCP Software) - closed.
0000272: [Repository] Reference to external OWL concepts (BCP Software) - closed.
0000757: [Other] Support by directly mailing the project or screenprint (BCP Software) - closed.
0000607: [Other] More backup options (BCP Software) - closed.
0000786: [Model Expressions] Need option to reorder expressionparts (BCP Software) - closed.
0000804: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Add custom attribute type Memo (BCP Software) - closed.
0000647: [Import and Export] Export repository with Legacy support (BCP Software) - closed.
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Scheduled For Release 2020-05-29
0000288: [General] Reopening UML diagrams loads wrong cardinality (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000531: [General] Support Graph drawing for OWL export from CaseTalk (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000347: [General] Allow opening CaseTalk Modeler Diagrams (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000090: [General] Enabled drag and drop of multiple items at once. (BCP Software) - assigned.
0000089: [General] Grey out the already displayed elements (BCP Software) - assigned.
0001485: [General] UML Property Cardinality [*] is missing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001394: [General] Provide expression in UML Classes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001395: [General] Show domains for attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001062: [General] Include samples in table documentation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000820: [General] Include expressions in tables (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000806: [General] ERD Show weak relationships as dashed line (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000798: [General] Show version (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000295: [General] XE4 Upgrade (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000300: [General] Derivable UML Attributes notation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000220: [General] Use different file extensions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001498: [General] A 1-1 foreign key gets displayed as if N-N (BCP Software) - closed.
0000104: [General] Selection while zooming works incorrectly (BCP Software) - closed.
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