Main Feature: Custom File Attributs (IG and IGD).
Main Update: Various Project Window updates.
0001341: [Project] Reopen last project after restart (wobben) - resolved.
0001326: [Project] Show diagram disconnected state as icon (wobben) - resolved.
0001333: [Project] Show the archives as history (wobben) - resolved.
0001320: [Project] Show a windows system context menu (wobben) - resolved.
0000700: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD contains no relations between complexTypes (wobben) - resolved.
0001339: [Diagrams] Synchronization dialogs do not mention diagram name (wobben) - resolved.
0001334: [Installation] New installation shows halve IDE style (wobben) - resolved.
0001338: [Project] Regenerate Model is disabled (wobben) - resolved.
0001311: [Diagrams] While the option "create new subtype" is disabled the function is still visible. (wobben) - resolved.
0001301: [User Interface] Importing does not lock Roles (wobben) - resolved.
0001342: [General] Opening an particular model for the Manager results in opening diagrams only, not the IG's. (wobben) - resolved.
0001337: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD elements lack proper complextype reference (wobben) - resolved.
0001336: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD primary key definition has wrong xpath (wobben) - resolved.
0001335: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD fields default to mandatory (wobben) - resolved.
0001323: [Project] Removing an IGD does not remove references in IG.Area (wobben) - resolved.
0001322: [Model Transformation (GLR)] GLR Cancelled, Tuple No Required (wobben) - resolved.
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