0000953: [User Interface] Show diagrams as tabs in a single window (wobben) - resolved.
0001316: [Import and Export] Export CSV with tab-delimiter (wobben) - resolved.
0001312: [General] Being able to copy/paste the output of a SQL-query. (wobben) - resolved.
0001303: [User Interface] Well Formednes Window Layout (wobben) - resolved.
0001313: [Printing and Reporting] Comment field not printed in Fact Documentation (wobben) - resolved.
0001305: [Project] Fact Documentation Window in IDE Style (wobben) - resolved.
0001304: [User Interface] Repository Window layout issue in IDE style (wobben) - resolved.
0001310: [Printing and Reporting] Multipage printing for Fact Documentation fails (wobben) - resolved.
0001315: [Printing and Reporting] Multipage printing for Table Documentation fails (wobben) - resolved.
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