New IDE interface style available.
0000791: [Diagrams] Show OTFT with special icons (wobben) - resolved.
0001225: [Repository] Add table with diagram and content (wobben) - resolved.
0000381: [User Interface] Dockable windows (wobben) - resolved.
0001212: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Table Report lacks custom attributes (wobben) - resolved.
0001211: [Repository] Models need a server reference as well (wobben) - resolved.
0001207: [User Interface] Combine all transformative menu items into a single place (wobben) - resolved.
0001189: [Diagrams] Disable the possibility to add fact types or subtype without a sentence. (wobben) - resolved.
0001200: [User Interface] Turn on/off advanced features (wobben) - resolved.
0001197: [Import and Export] Export file properties in the xml of an ig file (wobben) - resolved.
0001202: [Import and Export] Import XML use different filter (wobben) - resolved.
0001193: [Diagrams] Menu option to generate expression file should be part of the Repository-menu, not the Project-menu. (wobben) - closed.
0001228: [User Interface] Log files should not reside in the project (wobben) - resolved.
0001222: [User Interface] Expression window scroll bar is not wide enough. (wobben) - resolved.
0001157: [Project] Add new files from project window (wobben) - resolved.
0001235: [Repository] OTFT name with space prefix or suffix generates a.v. (wobben) - resolved.
0001139: [User Interface] Horizontal scrolling with mouse. (wobben) - resolved.
0001231: [Other] Printing text files is doing nothing (wobben) - resolved.
0001227: [User Interface] About dialog shows memory used (wobben) - resolved.
0001187: [User Interface] Changing windows via Alt-0 generates a technical error. (wobben) - resolved.
0001209: [User Interface] Name of Custom Attribute Set not persisted (wobben) - resolved.
0001194: [Repository] Custom Attributes for subset constraints don't store (wobben) - resolved.
0001195: [Repository] Custom Attributes for Value Constraints don't show (wobben) - resolved.
0001204: [Diagrams] Cancelling the save of a diagram style seems not to be a cancel. (wobben) - resolved.
0001203: [Project] Projectdescription is only 255 characters. (wobben) - resolved.
0001206: [User Interface] Delete multiple OTFT's (wobben) - resolved.
0001183: [Model Constraints] Subset constraint deletion results in a.v. (wobben) - resolved.
0001192: [Diagrams] An expression file is part of the wrong repository. (wobben) - resolved.
0001213: [Diagrams] It is unexpectily possible to rename a locked object type from a diagram window. (wobben) - resolved.
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