- Added construction functions for Fact Type, Object Type and Subtype.
- Cleaning up the Repository Task menus and several related contextual menu's.
0001045: [User Interface] Create new subtype from main menu (wobben) - resolved.
0001055: [Repository] Quickly add Fact Types (wobben) - resolved.
0001043: [User Interface] Allow quick edit of single line in expression file (wobben) - resolved.
0001056: [Model Constraints] Delete constraints is missing from menu (wobben) - resolved.
0001051: [User Interface] Export modules not disabled (wobben) - resolved.
0001046: [User Interface] GLR contains obsolete proposals (wobben) - resolved.
0001047: [User Interface] Repository Task Menu (wobben) - resolved.
0001058: [Model Constraints] Delete TC shows duplicates for every role involved (wobben) - resolved.
0001054: [Repository] New Subtype creates duplicate OTE in supertype (wobben) - resolved.
0001044: [User Interface] Subtype tab inactive on IGG (wobben) - resolved.
0001050: [User Interface] SQL Window creates duplicate menu (wobben) - resolved.
0001049: [Repository] SQL result does not update after edit (wobben) - resolved.
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