Shortly after releasing 8.2.3 we could pinpoint an access violationd and quickly re-released: Therefor bumped the existing 8.2.3 towards 8.2.4
0000736: [User Interface] Highlight OTFT's from external namespaces (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000401: [User Interface] Replace buttons in Expression Input Dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000735: [User Interface] Undo only undoes model changes without warning (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000737: [User Interface] Use the Wizards instead of the quick dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000738: [User Interface] Enhance the TC Wizard to be more clear to the user (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000739: [User Interface] Improve some expression input button captions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000630: [User Interface] Show custom attributes in the OTFT detail panel (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000742: [Other] After using the Expression File Editor an access violation may occur (BCP Software) - resolved.
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