Released 2018-07-04
+ Optimized Model Dependency Graph Performance
+ Preview diagrams and Text files added
+ Hardened code for uploading of projects
0001754: [Application] Provide some Preview function for selected files (wobben) - resolved.
0001753: [Application] CaseTalk Viewer diagram support (wobben) - resolved.
0001737: [Application] IG custom attributes not properly downloaded (wobben) - resolved.
0001755: [Application] Some script files are not shown (wobben) - resolved.
0001746: [SQL Server] Dependency Browser takes too long to show (wobben) - resolved.
0001752: [SQL Server] Bitmap preview blob too small (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2018-05-24
+ Database version 2.8
+ Model Dependency Graph
0000921: [General] Display namespace dependancy graph (wobben) - resolved.
0001669: [Application] Graph versions and links (wobben) - resolved.
0001526: [SQL Server] Store additional SC information (wobben) - resolved.
0000458: [Application] Support for namespaces in Modeler (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2017-09-05
Database version 2.7
0000943: [Application] Show full dependancy and usage tree (wobben) - resolved.
0001435: [Application] Modeler Update should fetch latest version (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2017-07-11
Database upgrade v2.6 required.
- Prepares the RolePath functionality in the upcoming Modeler.
- Support for (dis)connected diagrams to be checked in.
0001384: [Application] Missing feature: download model (wobben) - resolved.
0001382: [Application] Set server specific settings for (dis)connected diagrams (wobben) - resolved.
0001378: [Application] Set server or project to allow diagrams in various states (wobben) - closed.
0001381: [Application] Adjusting Server settings should be priviliged (wobben) - resolved.
0001340: [General] Upload of IG results in inconsistent data in CTK Manager (wobben) - resolved.
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0001317: [Application] Add/Modify Users is disabled (wobben) - resolved.
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0001308: [Application] Blocking issue for OTFT in Diagram information (wobben) - resolved.
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Requires database version 2.4
0001258: [Application] Checkout a project and lock it immediately (wobben) - resolved.
0001292: [Application] Allow non admins to view the user list (wobben) - resolved.
0001291: [Application] About dialog shows no database version (wobben) - resolved.
0001282: [Application] In active project in the CaseTalk Manager is not visible. (wobben) - resolved.
0001255: [SQL Server] Multiple tags per item version (wobben) - resolved.
0001232: [Application] A tag seems to be unique. Adding the same label a second time is not possible. (wobben) - resolved.
0001283: [Application] Uploading a model does not work. (wobben) - resolved.
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Requires database version 2.3
0001210: [Application] Models need a server reference as well (wobben) - resolved.
0001198: [Application] Support file properties import/export (wobben) - resolved.
0001201: [Application] Switch database server (wobben) - resolved.
0001223: [Application] CaseTalk Manager: deleting a project does not delete the project (wobben) - resolved.
0001205: [Application] CaseTalk Manager: valid licence disappears (wobben) - resolved.
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0001177: [Application] Cannot delete user (wobben) - resolved.
0001176: [Application] System users sees not all projects (wobben) - resolved.
0001174: [Application] Import IG should default to file filter (wobben) - resolved.
0001178: [Application] Project members remains empty (wobben) - resolved.
0001173: [Application] Cannot check-in IG file (wobben) - resolved.
0001164: [Installation] Update script for database 2.2 is missing (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2016-11-17
0001112: [SQL Server] Support for generated expression storage (wobben) - resolved.
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0000572: [Documentation] No help available (wobben) - resolved.
0001026: [Application] Detect installed schema version (wobben) - resolved.
0000984: [Application] Filter missing when looking up members/users (wobben) - resolved.
0001042: [Application] Session failure (wobben) - resolved.
0000983: [Application] Logout doesn't close the project (wobben) - resolved.
0000982: [Application] Cannot delete user account (wobben) - resolved.
0000926: [Documentation] Tutorial is absent (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2016-05-16
Support for namespaces in the Modeler, and many other fixes.
0000692: [Application] Cannot delete older projects from database (wobben) - resolved.
0000948: [Application] Report on projects vs members/users (wobben) - resolved.
0000914: [SQL Server] Implement namespace storage (wobben) - resolved.
0000222: [SQL Server] Support for custom file extensions from the Viewer (wobben) - resolved.
0000894: [Application] Support for the Additional Diagram Files (wobben) - resolved.
0000968: [Application] Main window should differ more from Modeler (wobben) - resolved.
0000963: [Application] Toolbar lacks hints (wobben) - resolved.
0000927: [Application] The project is not expanded upon opening (wobben) - resolved.
0000925: [Application] Menu re-arrangement (wobben) - resolved.
0000928: [Application] Menu captions update (wobben) - closed.
0000971: [Application] License cannot be entered using data entry (wobben) - resolved.
0000970: [Application] Diagrams may show while the parental IGG is already history (wobben) - resolved.
0000965: [SQL Server] ctk_population contains obsolete column ref_role_no (wobben) - resolved.
0000915: [Application] Anonymous access for future web publising (wobben) - resolved.
0000955: [Application] Delete project is absent (wobben) - resolved.
0000951: [SQL Server] Expression namespace needs extending with ig_version (wobben) - resolved.
0000781: [Installation] ini file in wrong folder (wobben) - resolved.
0000860: [Application] Support PNG coming from the Modeler (wobben) - resolved.
0000893: [Application] Support for new XOR function (wobben) - resolved.
0000964: [SQL Server] Transformed models (IGG) store no contents (wobben) - resolved.
0000929: [Application] Manager does not create project folder (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2016-01-08
0000802: [Application] Windows Taskbar preview (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2015-09-14
0000575: [Application] Project open dialog shows duplicates (wobben) - resolved.
0000717: [Installation] Manager Icon update (wobben) - resolved.
0000691: [Application] Projects are listed more than once when opening (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2014-12-18
0000301: [Application] Add 'remember me' option for authentication (wobben) - resolved.
0000303: [Application] Send a mail to a registered user (wobben) - resolved.
0000330: [Application] Checkin does not automatically refresh the project structure (wobben) - resolved.
0000327: [Application] New project via Modeler does not open it (wobben) - resolved.
0000304: [Application] Make modeler open previous working project (wobben) - resolved.
0000574: [Application] Database configuration screen shown before main window (wobben) - resolved.
0000430: [Application] Cannot checkin IG which remained unsaved after a project rename from the modeler (wobben) - resolved.
0000332: [Application] Ordering of nodes (wobben) - resolved.
0000319: [Application] Older IGG is misplaced during check-in (wobben) - resolved.
0000329: [Application] Checkedin sql files don't show file extension (wobben) - resolved.
0000328: [Application] Filepath is stored as item name (wobben) - resolved.
0000326: [Application] Sql files are shown at the wrong place (wobben) - resolved.
0000324: [Application] Disable IGG checkin (wobben) - resolved.
0000573: [Application] Checkin of subnodes at wrong place (wobben) - resolved.
0000436: [Application] Checkout with invalid paths in Modeler fails to rebuild the project (wobben) - resolved.
0000431: [Application] Cannot check-out into new project (wobben) - resolved.
0000294: [Application] XE4 Upgrade (wobben) - resolved.
0000333: [Application] Project structure not refreshed after checking in (wobben) - resolved.
0000302: [Application] Cannot add members to project (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2013-05-30
0000279: [Application] String is empty (wobben) - resolved.
0000285: [Application] kernelbase exception (wobben) - resolved.
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Another minor maintenance release.
0001765: [Diagrams] State icons are not drawn for Label Types (wobben) - resolved.
0001766: [Import and Export] Export to XLS does not contain all data (wobben) - resolved.
0001767: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Some models don't generate well (wobben) - resolved.
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Minor patches related to exporting modules.
0001763: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL Supertype shows as ObjectProperty (wobben) - resolved.
0001764: [Import and Export] Some exports fail (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2018-07-04
* Database script enhancements:
- Improved DBA support by layering scripts
- Views for verbalized production data

* New generators added
- MySQL v8 including Views
- Teradata
- MongoDB

* Regional settings added
* Diagram refresh optimization
* Data validations for typing
0000830: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Teradata DBMS (wobben) - resolved.
0000756: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MongoDB script (wobben) - resolved.
0001699: [Model Validation] Examples not validated against datatype (wobben) - resolved.
0001723: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate views which express the data (wobben) - resolved.
0001743: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MySQL 8 support for views (wobben) - resolved.
0001741: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate layered sql scripts (wobben) - resolved.
0001546: [Project] Support regional settings (wobben) - resolved.
0000563: [Repository] Regional formatting population (wobben) - resolved.
0000298: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate DML script with examples (wobben) - resolved.
0001739: [Repository] Cannot change case of otftname using otft dialog (wobben) - resolved.
0001733: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Add "dc:Language" to OWL export (wobben) - resolved.
0001761: [Project] Cannot remove file from project (wobben) - resolved.
0001759: [User Interface] Duplicate rows in population editor (wobben) - resolved.
0001750: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Scripts with custom attributes sometimes miss column header (wobben) - resolved.
0001747: [Diagrams] Refresh diagram (F5) (wobben) - resolved.
0001678: [Project] Make files local to project folder (wobben) - resolved.
0001740: [User Interface] Overwrite files dialog too big for screen (wobben) - resolved.
0001732: [User Interface] Project menu item disappears (wobben) - resolved.
0001751: [Diagrams] Population in diagram not updated (wobben) - resolved.
0001355: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Static population should generate INSERTs (wobben) - resolved.
0001731: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] SQL Views contain a comma too much (wobben) - resolved.
0001760: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Cannot generate XML Schema (wobben) - resolved.
0001738: [Diagrams] Multiple active diagrams keep synchronizing (wobben) - resolved.
0001742: [Project] A defect IGZ fails to properly display an error (wobben) - resolved.
0001736: [Other] New repository from IGD fails (wobben) - resolved.
0001734: [Other] Checking for updates without internet crashes (wobben) - resolved.
0001758: [User Interface] Empty population cannot add row (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2018-05-24
+ Database Views
+ Model Snapshots and Diff
+ OWL2
+ Easier Classificiation for Beginners
+ Custom Model Rules
+ Supports Fact Type Coloring
0000855: [Installation] Show online content (wobben) - resolved.
0001706: [User Interface] Show online content in a Welcome Page (wobben) - resolved.
0001704: [Project] Start a project based upon a single IG file (wobben) - resolved.
0001245: [Project] Save a snapshot of an IG(G) (wobben) - resolved.
0000047: [Other] Color code implementation status (wobben) - resolved.
0001525: [Repository] Promote the SC hack to storage (wobben) - resolved.
0001667: [User Interface] Inserting an OTE should allow dragndrop after placement (wobben) - resolved.
0000308: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate database views (wobben) - resolved.
0001660: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support export to UML2.x, XMI 2.x (wobben) - resolved.
0001663: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] jsonSchema extended with unique keys (wobben) - resolved.
0001659: [Model Validation] Check the population against the subset constraints (wobben) - resolved.
0001554: [Model Validation] Validate population against Totality Constraints (wobben) - resolved.
0000516: [Model Validation] Add well formednes rule for UC and population (wobben) - resolved.
0001624: [Customization] Improve sql script storage handling (wobben) - resolved.
0001643: [Model Expressions] Classify already classified roles (wobben) - resolved.
0001644: [User Interface] Use Windows Action Center to show notifications (wobben) - resolved.
0001700: [Diagrams] Renumber roles does nothing (wobben) - resolved.
0001695: [Printing and Reporting] Cannot print Fact Documentation (wobben) - resolved.
0001673: [Repository] Prompt to save query before close (wobben) - resolved.
0001657: [User Interface] Change behaviour for Well formedness rules show "more..." (wobben) - resolved.
0001645: [Model Expressions] Autofocus ObjectFactName when selecting an expressionpart (wobben) - resolved.
0000656: [Other] Derive DataTypes during parsing expression (wobben) - closed.
0001712: [User Interface] Search Again is always enabled (wobben) - resolved.
0001702: [Model Validation] Custom SQL Rules violations don't show message (wobben) - resolved.
0001701: [User Interface] Open the population editor at the indexed row (wobben) - resolved.
0001697: [User Interface] Dock the expression tree window (wobben) - resolved.
0001696: [Diagrams] Selected object type only colors roles (wobben) - resolved.
0001694: [User Interface] Removing a file leaves editor open (wobben) - resolved.
0001691: [Project] File properties formatted as single line (wobben) - resolved.
0001683: [Project] Include more diagrams in markdown file (wobben) - resolved.
0001682: [User Interface] Logical files are sometimes referred to as Relational (wobben) - resolved.
0001679: [User Interface] Namespaces URI html encoded (wobben) - resolved.
0001666: [Diagrams] Diagram settings not reflected in Expressions tab (wobben) - resolved.
0001665: [User Interface] Regenerate model duplicates files (wobben) - resolved.
0001656: [Repository] Display spaces as dots, ends up on sql repository (wobben) - resolved.
0001654: [User Interface] Unlock OTFT without removing namespace (wobben) - resolved.
0001653: [User Interface] Position sql cursor using error messages (wobben) - resolved.
0001650: [Model Validation] Idle model edits not fixable unless reopened (wobben) - resolved.
0001646: [Diagrams] Always allow lines to be rerouted (wobben) - resolved.
0001716: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL supertype reference appears as ObjectProperty (wobben) - resolved.
0001722: [Repository] SQL Repository interprets characters (wobben) - resolved.
0001721: [Other] XML not always properly encoded (wobben) - resolved.
0001719: [User Interface] Reopening a project does not re-activate text files (wobben) - resolved.
0001713: [User Interface] Search for Alias fails (wobben) - resolved.
0001711: [Other] Very large models with many diagrams can slow down (wobben) - resolved.
0001710: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL/RDF contains no Label Types (wobben) - resolved.
0001708: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL/RDF classes use different identifiers (wobben) - resolved.
0001705: [Import and Export] CSV output contain dots for spaces (wobben) - resolved.
0001703: [Model Expressions] Expression file header comment in OTFT (wobben) - resolved.
0001698: [Import and Export] XLS Spreadsheet export broke (wobben) - resolved.
0001685: [Repository] Detect changes on versioned IG's (wobben) - resolved.
0001693: [Diff and Merge] Changing Project does not update selection (wobben) - resolved.
0001680: [Other] Namespace window does not store changes (wobben) - resolved.
0001690: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] UML/XMI has no attribute comment (wobben) - resolved.
0001684: [Project] Viewer Diagrams adds duplicates (wobben) - resolved.
0001675: [Diagrams] Shapes in diagrams cannot be removed (wobben) - resolved.
0001674: [Other] Web news update broken (wobben) - resolved.
0001668: [Repository] SQL Repository trims whitespaces (wobben) - resolved.
0001664: [User Interface] Generate model button sometimes disabled (wobben) - resolved.
0001655: [Other] Canvas does not allow drawing (wobben) - resolved.
0001651: [Project] Corrupt diagram hard to remove from project (wobben) - resolved.
0001649: [Diagrams] Change effect of "Delete OTFT" from diagram (wobben) - resolved.
0001648: [User Interface] Copy tree expression uses wrong font (wobben) - resolved.
0000687: [Diff and Merge] Datatype settings not merged (wobben) - resolved.
0001727: [Import and Export] Custom Attributes of Expressions not imported (wobben) - resolved.
0001726: [Import and Export] Checkin and -out results in OTE errors (wobben) - resolved.
0001714: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL Instance contains no ID's (wobben) - resolved.
0001720: [Repository] Role.OriginalOT contains invalid content (wobben) - resolved.
0001715: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] UML & OWL misses Binary Fact Types (wobben) - resolved.
0001707: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL export contains duplicate ID's (wobben) - resolved.
0001671: [Repository] Some IG's see their own namespace as foreign (wobben) - resolved.
0001686: [Diff and Merge] Namespaces not preserved (wobben) - resolved.
0001658: [User Interface] Cancelling the SC Editor undoes edits (wobben) - resolved.
0001628: [Repository] Replace OTFT deletes too much (wobben) - resolved.
0001629: [Project] Fail to Save all with corrupt IGD on disk (wobben) - resolved.
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The Valentine Hotfix:
Improved interface usability with more drag and drop;
a crucial bug blocking transformations on models with custom attributes.
0001632: [User Interface] Drag and drop onto Diagram Notes (wobben) - resolved.
0001640: [Project] Disconnected IGD inconsistencies (wobben) - resolved.
0001637: [Project] Removable Media Files are erased from Reopen Menu (wobben) - resolved.
0001635: [Diagrams] Improve readability of Diagram Expressions (wobben) - resolved.
0001633: [Diagrams] Various navigation menu items (wobben) - resolved.
0001631: [User Interface] Show disconnected diagrams as disabled (wobben) - resolved.
0001630: [Diagrams] Export diagram bitmaps in high res (wobben) - resolved.
0001626: [Customization] Default CustomRules.sql incorrect documentation (wobben) - resolved.
0001641: [Repository] The SQL table "Area" is not in sync with (dis)connected diagrams (wobben) - resolved.
0001625: [Customization] Error dialog after "INSERT INTO" (wobben) - resolved.
0001636: [Project] Closing an IG will disconnect the IGD (wobben) - resolved.
0001634: [User Interface] Cannot move or resize OTFT Property Dialog (wobben) - resolved.
0001295: [Import and Export] Merging a repository does not merge custom attributes (wobben) - resolved.
0001642: [Model Expressions] Adding a new expression crashes CaseTalk (wobben) - resolved.
0001638: [Customization] GLR Cancelled (wobben) - resolved.
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Major performance improvements, and support for custom model validation rules.
0000447: [Import and Export] Implement some JSON Schema generation for NOSQL (wobben) - resolved.
0000274: [Model Validation] Implement sql based rules (wobben) - resolved.
0001444: [Installation] First time installers should configure first (wobben) - resolved.
0001543: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Denodo Materialized Tables (wobben) - resolved.
0001548: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Allow several artifacts to be generated at once (wobben) - resolved.
0001532: [Project] Support for (GitHub) files (wobben) - resolved.
0001196: [User Interface] Custom Attribute definition for the file properties (wobben) - resolved.
0001577: [Project] New empty file seems locked (wobben) - resolved.
0001558: [Installation] Default educational settings (wobben) - resolved.
0001570: [Repository] New items do not receive default custom attribute values (wobben) - resolved.
0001563: [User Interface] Select multiple roles without shift (wobben) - resolved.
0001569: [Other] %GUID% should not contain { and } (wobben) - resolved.
0001539: [User Interface] In IDE mode the tabindex is reset when closing one (wobben) - resolved.
0001534: [Project] Don't save empty diagram based rtf files (wobben) - resolved.
0001535: [User Interface] Search within text files does not show result (wobben) - resolved.
0001576: [User Interface] Linking richtext with large models is slow (wobben) - resolved.
0001537: [Diagrams] Performance degredation when adding to diagram (wobben) - resolved.
0001559: [User Interface] File Detail Panel in IDE dissappear in low screen resolution (wobben) - resolved.
0001574: [User Interface] "Delete Expression" unclear (wobben) - resolved.
0001573: [User Interface] Insert OTE default selection not used (wobben) - resolved.
0001560: [User Interface] Wizard behind expression input dialog (wobben) - resolved.
0001572: [Project] Cannot remove file from project (wobben) - resolved.
0001565: [Repository] Repository Custom Script not activated (wobben) - resolved.
0001567: [Repository] Comment sometimes contains "Created without population" (wobben) - resolved.
0000092: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MsAccess value contraints rule problem (wobben) - resolved.
0001555: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Incomplete population in generated DML scripts (wobben) - resolved.
0001547: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo script contains comment errors (wobben) - resolved.
0001538: [User Interface] Renaming an OTFT to it's alias fails (wobben) - resolved.
0001568: [Repository] SQL update on IG locks all expressions (wobben) - resolved.
0001571: [Project] Personal Edition does not allow to add files (wobben) - resolved.
0001542: [User Interface] OTFT Editor thinks Labels are Derivables (wobben) - resolved.
0001531: [Diagrams] Casetalk Crash when hiding points in IGD (wobben) - resolved.
0001533: [Diagrams] Removal of dots in diagram relations crash (wobben) - resolved.
0001536: [Import and Export] Reverse engineering fails (wobben) - resolved.
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Maintenance release to improve stability only.
0000614: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Request for more documentation and annotation (wobben) - closed.
0000590: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Show documentation for Label lexicalization (wobben) - resolved.
0000272: [Repository] Reference to external OWL concepts (wobben) - closed.
0001521: [Model Validation] Fact types with potential Object Types are not detected (wobben) - resolved.
0001516: [Repository] Allow custom annotation to become mandatory (wobben) - resolved.
0001528: [Project] Remove nonexisting project files (wobben) - resolved.
0001530: [Diagrams] Disconnected diagrams show validation colorings (wobben) - resolved.
0001529: [Project] Plugin toolbutton is not enabled after loading (wobben) - resolved.
0001510: [User Interface] Docked panels show different panel splitters (wobben) - resolved.
0001499: [Diagrams] Update diagram dialog has disabled ok button (wobben) - resolved.
0001491: [Model Constraints] Adding a TC does not select it in the TC dialog (wobben) - resolved.
0001246: [Project] Support SVN/GIT to files (wobben) - resolved.
0001527: [Project] Split diagram into repository can duplicate ig files (wobben) - resolved.
0001518: [Project] A corrupted PRJ file does not show feedback (wobben) - resolved.
0001517: [Printing and Reporting] OTFT Documentation not refreshed (wobben) - resolved.
0001515: [Repository] Mandatory custom attributes not checked (wobben) - resolved.
0001493: [Model Transformation (GLR)] OTFT Custom attributes not moved to Role during GLR (wobben) - resolved.
0001476: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Input field on mask is at wrong place (wobben) - resolved.
0001486: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Expression Parts for Verbalization are not used (wobben) - resolved.
0001487: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Many problems in Generating Oracle DDL (wobben) - resolved.
0001509: [User Interface] Online help started twice (wobben) - resolved.
0001507: [User Interface] Project manager toolbar flickers (wobben) - resolved.
0001505: [User Interface] VC Values are limited in characters (wobben) - resolved.
0001504: [Diagrams] Center from context menu does not work (wobben) - resolved.
0001503: [User Interface] Validation rules scrolls to top (wobben) - resolved.
0001502: [Project] %AUTHOR% is substituted wrong (wobben) - resolved.
0001501: [Project] Cancel a project file rename removes extension (wobben) - resolved.
0001500: [Diagrams] Diagram menu remains empty (wobben) - resolved.
0001523: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generator mistakenly creates subset constraints as foreign key relationships (wobben) - resolved.
0001519: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Binary fact types disappear in RDF (wobben) - resolved.
0001511: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Comment/Descriptions not moved or merged during GLR (wobben) - resolved.
0001496: [Model Expressions] Qualifying multiple expressions leaves input window open (wobben) - resolved.
0001512: [User Interface] Unsaved open diagram during GLR crashes (wobben) - resolved.
0001494: [Model Expressions] New project with new expression file crashes (wobben) - resolved.
0001520: [Diff and Merge] Wrong population prevents merging aka diagram split (wobben) - resolved.
35 issues View Issues
0001489: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Include Fact Type Expression in OWL (wobben) - resolved.
0001488: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Use IG File Title and Comments in OWL (wobben) - resolved.
0001473: [User Interface] Add curved lines to expression tree viewer (wobben) - resolved.
0001490: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Include custom annotations in OWL (wobben) - resolved.
0001480: [Import and Export] OWL contains reference errors (wobben) - resolved.
0001484: [User Interface] Selection dialog with list sometimes fails (wobben) - resolved.
0001483: [User Interface] Reduce object type not working (wobben) - resolved.
0001481: [Import and Export] OWL default base URI not set (wobben) - resolved.
0001478: [Installation] Temp log files not purged from disk (wobben) - resolved.
0001475: [User Interface] Expression tree fails updating on second tuple (wobben) - resolved.
0001474: [Diagrams] Diagram Info block trimmed (wobben) - resolved.
0001477: [Model Constraints] Subset constraint verbalisation is wrong (wobben) - resolved.
0001479: [Model Constraints] Error Subset Constraint Editor "Access Violation" (wobben) - resolved.
13 issues View Issues
0001445: [Installation] Portable Shared App, support lock for start (wobben) - resolved.
0001463: [Project] Readonly files are not indicated with a lock (wobben) - resolved.
0001460: [User Interface] In IDE modus the project panel cannot be resized (wobben) - resolved.
0001458: [Model Expressions] Expression file editing does not preserve cursor (wobben) - resolved.
0001467: [Diagrams] DataTypes list in diagrams are trimmed (wobben) - resolved.
0001464: [Repository] Insufficient license to save the file (wobben) - resolved.
0001459: [Repository] Create new subtype does not work (wobben) - resolved.
0001471: [Import and Export] OWL encoding errors (wobben) - resolved.
0001469: [Import and Export] OWL export name is invalid (wobben) - resolved.
0001466: [Repository] Changing a role results in a illegal model. (wobben) - resolved.
0001465: [Project] The description of an IGD is not saved. (wobben) - resolved.
0001461: [User Interface] Switching IG crashes Object and Table documentation (wobben) - resolved.
0001468: [Import and Export] OWL Export fails (wobben) - resolved.
0001455: [Project] Save has stopped prematurely due to cancelling of dependent files. (wobben) - resolved.
0001456: [Model Expressions] Expression input via expression file shows empty (wobben) - resolved.
0001462: [Model Expressions] Scroll bar of Classify/Qualification window can not go far enough (wobben) - resolved.
0001457: [Model Expressions] Expression file cannot be saved under the same name (wobben) - resolved.
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Fix for advanced users who refactor models using the "Alter Played By Role" function.
0001446: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Show tuples in PowerDesigner scripts (wobben) - resolved.
0001453: [Model Validation] Solving semantic warnings show wrong expression (wobben) - resolved.
0001447: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate Attributes in PowerDesigner CDM (wobben) - resolved.
0001448: [Repository] Alter Role Played By Fault (wobben) - resolved.
0001454: [Import and Export] Some export plugins do not show in File\Export (wobben) - resolved.
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0001431: [Import and Export] Copy+Paste population to/from spreadsheets (wobben) - resolved.
0001407: [Project] Missing "Yes to All" when saving project (wobben) - resolved.
0001416: [Model Expressions] Customize content of new expression files (wobben) - resolved.
0001414: [General] CTK in IDE mode: maximized or minimized window of "Classify/Qualify expression" seams to disappear. (wobben) - resolved.
0001422: [Other] Provide action log in error reports (wobben) - resolved.
0001425: [Model Expressions] Parsing many expressions leak and crash (wobben) - resolved.
0001442: [User Interface] In IDE mode the ExpressionTree window is hidden (wobben) - resolved.
0001432: [Import and Export] Export repository as sql, missing quotes (wobben) - resolved.
0001424: [Project] Project archives seem empty (wobben) - resolved.
0001417: [General] Refresh of diagram info generates error (wobben) - resolved.
0001421: [Diagrams] Subset constraint info block wrong size (wobben) - resolved.
0001420: [Diagrams] Diagram Info block too tall (wobben) - resolved.
0001418: [Diagrams] Diagram Info block shows no description (wobben) - resolved.
0001419: [Diagrams] Visible info blocks do not reflect in menu (wobben) - resolved.
0001415: [Diagrams] Scrollbars are position topleft (wobben) - resolved.
0001408: [Model Expressions] Cannot qualify lines from the expression file (wobben) - resolved.
0001409: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MySQL 5.1 used "Engine" instead of "Type" (wobben) - resolved.
0001441: [Repository] Faulty substitutions prevent normal CaseTalk operations (wobben) - resolved.
0001438: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner script: unexpected end (wobben) - resolved.
0001436: [Installation] Online update check reports no news (wobben) - resolved.
0001443: [User Interface] Switching IG's creates Access Violations (wobben) - resolved.
0001437: [Model Expressions] Qualify an expression line from expression file crashes (wobben) - resolved.
0001410: [Project] The context menu in the project crashes (wobben) - resolved.
0001184: [Diff and Merge] Merge model containing subsets fails (wobben) - resolved.
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0001354: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support PostgreSQL (wobben) - resolved.
0001406: [User Interface] Sometimes a prompt to save a file contains a full filepath (wobben) - resolved.
0001402: [User Interface] Provide images on the change log menu (wobben) - resolved.
0001404: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] SQL Script missing a semi column (wobben) - resolved.
0001403: [Project] SQL files are not shown to be active (wobben) - resolved.
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Out of memory hotfix.
0001298: [Other] Out of memory (wobben) - resolved.
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NOTE: The file formats will be upgraded upon saving.
0001400: [Import and Export] Import IGZ files from the Manager (wobben) - resolved.
0001392: [Project] Undelete removed files - resolved.
0001385: [Project] Project cleanup folder (wobben) - resolved.
0001386: [Project] Manager project checkout into fixed folder (wobben) - resolved.
0001379: [User Interface] Force diagram synchronization when saving an IG(G) (wobben) - resolved.
0001364: [Model Expressions] Automatically derive datatypes (wobben) - resolved.
0001302: [Project] Support for write protecting a model (wobben) - resolved.
0001398: [Installation] Show changelog of current version (wobben) - resolved.
0001396: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner plugin undocumented datatype codes (wobben) - resolved.
0001388: [Project] Version numbers not always visible (wobben) - resolved.
0001389: [Project] Manager menu should show file it acts on (wobben) - resolved.
0001380: [Diagrams] Multiple dialogs appear when syncing diagrams (wobben) - resolved.
0001375: [Project] Undo a repository change does not allow saving (wobben) - resolved.
0001361: [Model Expressions] MSDos indicator in EXP file is obsolete (wobben) - resolved.
0001357: [User Interface] The window previews show some (wobben) - resolved.
0001353: [User Interface] Project unsaved while uploading files to the Manager (wobben) - resolved.
0001250: [User Interface] Mark the population as complete (wobben) - resolved.
0001346: [User Interface] Startup dialog has no feedback when searching (wobben) - resolved.
0001345: [User Interface] Startup option NONE is ignored (wobben) - resolved.
0001397: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] dBase 7 datatypes missing (wobben) - resolved.
0001373: [Printing and Reporting] Table report contains annotations in a single line (wobben) - resolved.
0001374: [Printing and Reporting] Table Report doesn't print all Column Attributes (wobben) - resolved.
0001371: [User Interface] When closing the IG, an DockLeftPnl is visible (wobben) - resolved.
0001366: [Diagrams] Auto save diagram as JPG or PNG, keeps both (wobben) - resolved.
0001363: [User Interface] Editing EXP file may lose changes (wobben) - resolved.
0001352: [Project] Removed IGD remains in IG Area table (wobben) - resolved.
0001351: [User Interface] Reopening project with active diagrams fails (wobben) - resolved.
0001347: [User Interface] Cannot delete an Inter Constraint (wobben) - resolved.
0001348: [User Interface] Active expression file does not reopen (wobben) - resolved.
0001343: [Diagrams] Drag and drop onto diagram is disabled (wobben) - resolved.
0001344: [Diagrams] Delete OTFT shows wrong context (wobben) - resolved.
0001324: [General] Save only when all files are open (wobben) - resolved.
0001377: [General] After opening an IGD it is impossible to open the properties of an object type. (wobben) - resolved.
0001376: [General] Select properties of an object type via an IGD generates a error (wobben) - resolved.
0001372: [Installation] Executing from a FileShare is slow (wobben) - resolved.
0001370: [Other] Network saved projects are slow (wobben) - resolved.
0001399: [Project] Opening an IGG while an IG is active crashes (wobben) - resolved.
0001383: [Diagrams] After diagram syncing, removing an OTFT may crash (wobben) - resolved.
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Main Feature: Custom File Attributs (IG and IGD).
Main Update: Various Project Window updates.
0001341: [Project] Reopen last project after restart (wobben) - resolved.
0001326: [Project] Show diagram disconnected state as icon (wobben) - resolved.
0001333: [Project] Show the archives as history (wobben) - resolved.
0001320: [Project] Show a windows system context menu (wobben) - resolved.
0000700: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD contains no relations between complexTypes (wobben) - resolved.
0001339: [Diagrams] Synchronization dialogs do not mention diagram name (wobben) - resolved.
0001334: [Installation] New installation shows halve IDE style (wobben) - resolved.
0001338: [Project] Regenerate Model is disabled (wobben) - resolved.
0001311: [Diagrams] While the option "create new subtype" is disabled the function is still visible. (wobben) - resolved.
0001301: [User Interface] Importing does not lock Roles (wobben) - resolved.
0001342: [General] Opening an particular model for the Manager results in opening diagrams only, not the IG's. (wobben) - resolved.
0001337: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD elements lack proper complextype reference (wobben) - resolved.
0001336: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD primary key definition has wrong xpath (wobben) - resolved.
0001335: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD fields default to mandatory (wobben) - resolved.
0001323: [Project] Removing an IGD does not remove references in IG.Area (wobben) - resolved.
0001322: [Model Transformation (GLR)] GLR Cancelled, Tuple No Required (wobben) - resolved.
16 issues View Issues
0000953: [User Interface] Show diagrams as tabs in a single window (wobben) - resolved.
0001316: [Import and Export] Export CSV with tab-delimiter (wobben) - resolved.
0001312: [General] Being able to copy/paste the output of a SQL-query. (wobben) - resolved.
0001303: [User Interface] Well Formednes Window Layout (wobben) - resolved.
0001313: [Printing and Reporting] Comment field not printed in Fact Documentation (wobben) - resolved.
0001305: [Project] Fact Documentation Window in IDE Style (wobben) - resolved.
0001304: [User Interface] Repository Window layout issue in IDE style (wobben) - resolved.
0001310: [Printing and Reporting] Multipage printing for Fact Documentation fails (wobben) - resolved.
0001315: [Printing and Reporting] Multipage printing for Table Documentation fails (wobben) - resolved.
9 issues View Issues
0001053: [Repository] Add Object Type - quickly (wobben) - resolved.
0001244: [User Interface] Table and OTFT documentation should default to PrintAll (wobben) - resolved.
0001293: [Project] Searching for projects integration (wobben) - resolved.
0001256: [Project] Show the server version info for checked out files (wobben) - resolved.
0001271: [User Interface] TC Wizard has a limited width (wobben) - resolved.
0001251: [User Interface] Population rows ordering (wobben) - resolved.
0001281: [User Interface] Improve readability annotations in repository window (wobben) - resolved.
0001280: [User Interface] Enhance comments in repository window (wobben) - resolved.
0001266: [User Interface] Confirmation dialog for determining datatypes is obsolete (wobben) - resolved.
0001268: [User Interface] Doubleclick an warning to solve it (wobben) - resolved.
0001249: [User Interface] Repository Window changes columns widths (wobben) - resolved.
0001276: [User Interface] Custom attributes options allow free text (wobben) - resolved.
0001275: [User Interface] Custom annotations and categories are in a mixed order (wobben) - resolved.
0001241: [User Interface] Population editor sortable (wobben) - resolved.
0001294: [Model Validation] "Fact types may not object types" contain duplicates (wobben) - resolved.
0001264: [Repository] Split facttype fails second time (wobben) - resolved.
0001138: [General] Name of diagram in the info-box on a diagram remains empty. (wobben) - resolved.
0001279: [Model Validation] Some warnings and errors do not show (wobben) - resolved.
0001259: [Project] Autosave or Archive an empty project (wobben) - resolved.
0001269: [Diagrams] Reordering roles does not trigger modified state (wobben) - resolved.
0001272: [Printing and Reporting] Custom annotations print akward (wobben) - resolved.
0001262: [Project] Save dialog is not visible (wobben) - resolved.
0001270: [User Interface] Population editor shows no "&" in the values (wobben) - resolved.
0001247: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo allows max 4K characters for Descriptions (wobben) - resolved.
0001243: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo Description requires quote escaping (wobben) - resolved.
0001242: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo NULL requires CAST (wobben) - resolved.
0001234: [General] Info box on diagram does not scale. (wobben) - resolved.
0001297: [User Interface] Crash when Expression Tree is active (wobben) - resolved.
0001277: [Repository] Dropping an IG(G) into Query Window fails (wobben) - resolved.
0001290: [Import and Export] Import IG(G)X fails with certain label datatype length (wobben) - resolved.
0001286: [Import and Export] IG(G)X import fails (wobben) - resolved.
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New IDE interface style available.
0000791: [Diagrams] Show OTFT with special icons (wobben) - resolved.
0001225: [Repository] Add table with diagram and content (wobben) - resolved.
0000381: [User Interface] Dockable windows (wobben) - resolved.
0001212: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Table Report lacks custom attributes (wobben) - resolved.
0001211: [Repository] Models need a server reference as well (wobben) - resolved.
0001207: [User Interface] Combine all transformative menu items into a single place (wobben) - resolved.
0001189: [Diagrams] Disable the possibility to add fact types or subtype without a sentence. (wobben) - resolved.
0001200: [User Interface] Turn on/off advanced features (wobben) - resolved.
0001197: [Import and Export] Export file properties in the xml of an ig file (wobben) - resolved.
0001202: [Import and Export] Import XML use different filter (wobben) - resolved.
0001193: [Diagrams] Menu option to generate expression file should be part of the Repository-menu, not the Project-menu. (wobben) - closed.
0001228: [User Interface] Log files should not reside in the project (wobben) - resolved.
0001222: [User Interface] Expression window scroll bar is not wide enough. (wobben) - resolved.
0001157: [Project] Add new files from project window (wobben) - resolved.
0001235: [Repository] OTFT name with space prefix or suffix generates a.v. (wobben) - resolved.
0001139: [User Interface] Horizontal scrolling with mouse. (wobben) - resolved.
0001231: [Other] Printing text files is doing nothing (wobben) - resolved.
0001227: [User Interface] About dialog shows memory used (wobben) - resolved.
0001187: [User Interface] Changing windows via Alt-0 generates a technical error. (wobben) - resolved.
0001209: [User Interface] Name of Custom Attribute Set not persisted (wobben) - resolved.
0001194: [Repository] Custom Attributes for subset constraints don't store (wobben) - resolved.
0001195: [Repository] Custom Attributes for Value Constraints don't show (wobben) - resolved.
0001204: [Diagrams] Cancelling the save of a diagram style seems not to be a cancel. (wobben) - resolved.
0001203: [Project] Projectdescription is only 255 characters. (wobben) - resolved.
0001206: [User Interface] Delete multiple OTFT's (wobben) - resolved.
0001183: [Model Constraints] Subset constraint deletion results in a.v. (wobben) - resolved.
0001192: [Diagrams] An expression file is part of the wrong repository. (wobben) - resolved.
0001213: [Diagrams] It is unexpectily possible to rename a locked object type from a diagram window. (wobben) - resolved.
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Added support for managing sets of custom attribute definitions.
0001114: [Repository] Support for managing sets of custom attributes (wobben) - resolved.
0001180: [Other] Manage custom attribute definitions like diagram styles (wobben) - resolved.
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Critical issue patched
0001170: [Repository] Globally unique identifier as custom attribute value (wobben) - resolved.
0001171: [Other] Out of memory during long modeling sessions (wobben) - resolved.
0001182: [User Interface] A.V. occurs when using menu "View\Object Type Fact Type" (wobben) - resolved.
0001181: [Installation] Database encoding issue (wobben) - resolved.
4 issues View Issues
0001121: [Installation] PortableApp usage on readonly Fileshare (wobben) - resolved.
0001130: [Project] Model Merge and include the diagram (wobben) - resolved.
0000632: [Diagrams] Subset constraints in diagram shows too many roles (wobben) - resolved.
0001149: [Diagrams] Diagram after GLR shows too many subset constraints (wobben) - resolved.
0001140: [Installation] Show system info from the about dialog (wobben) - resolved.
0001133: [User Interface] Importing of OTFT's may show a long narrow list (wobben) - resolved.
0001154: [Installation] License key not accepted (wobben) - resolved.
0001152: [Diagrams] Diagram subtype info shows all subtypes from model (wobben) - resolved.
0001151: [Diagrams] Diagram shows all datatypes from model (wobben) - resolved.
0001148: [User Interface] UI Splitter positions not persistent (wobben) - resolved.
0001132: [Diagrams] Switch diagrams mentions itself (wobben) - resolved.
0001153: [Installation] PowerDesigner plugin lacking from Server install (wobben) - resolved.
0000448: [Diagrams] Drag diagrams to a new IG will distort the diagram contents (wobben) - resolved.
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Note: Older CaseTalk versions do not support files created with 8.15. We needed a file format change to support the new repository content.
0000817: [Model Validation] Split FactType with 1 UC and more than 2 roles (wobben) - resolved.
0001108: [Repository] Alter Role PlayedBy more easily (wobben) - resolved.
0001063: [Model Validation] Mark computer generated expressions (wobben) - resolved.
0001120: [User Interface] Derive datatype from Property Dialog (wobben) - resolved.
0001107: [Project] Filter projects in startup dialog (wobben) - resolved.
0001129: [Repository] Custom Attribute Value is limited in length (wobben) - resolved.
0001110: [Repository] Keep tags on generated expressions (wobben) - resolved.
0001102: [User Interface] Ability to hide Custom Attributes (wobben) - resolved.
0001118: [Installation] Portable app license key location (wobben) - resolved.
0001111: [Model Validation] Solving missing UC should trigger Wizard (wobben) - resolved.
0001101: [Project] Unsupported generated file (wobben) - resolved.
0001030: [User Interface] Distorted display with very long fact expression (wobben) - resolved.
0001123: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Rules in SQL scripts contain domain names (wobben) - resolved.
0001122: [User Interface] Focus shifts in repository window (wobben) - resolved.
0001109: [Diagrams] Memory leak occurs when saving to html (wobben) - resolved.
0001126: [Import and Export] Import/Merge does not allow skipping known otft's (wobben) - resolved.
0001115: [Diff and Merge] Custom attribute values not merged into target (wobben) - resolved.
0001106: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner requires unique codes (wobben) - resolved.
0001105: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Sometimes rolefixes still get lost (wobben) - resolved.
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0000673: [Repository] Extend with custom annotations (wobben) - resolved.
0001081: [Repository] Quickly add Label Types (wobben) - resolved.
0001095: [User Interface] Show Memory allocated (wobben) - resolved.
0001093: [Import and Export] Custom Attributes not exported in XLS (wobben) - resolved.
0001072: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Denodo Data Virtualization scripts (wobben) - resolved.
0001085: [Repository] Easily transform Rolefix to ObjectType (wobben) - resolved.
0001084: [Repository] Quickly create Object Type lacks name in soft semantics (wobben) - resolved.
0001057: [Model Constraints] Delete UC names missing (wobben) - resolved.
0001092: [Import and Export] Import fails to support CustomAttributes (wobben) - resolved.
0001091: [Model Expressions] Quick insert, delete lines from expressionfiles (wobben) - resolved.
0001087: [User Interface] Extend repository filter with Expression Levels (wobben) - resolved.
0001082: [Model Validation] Validation should check for added and unused Label Types (wobben) - resolved.
0001080: [Model Expressions] Obsolete confirmation when unlocking expressions (wobben) - resolved.
0001079: [User Interface] Extend usability of expression tree window (wobben) - resolved.
0001077: [User Interface] The sql window only shows only ig or igg (wobben) - resolved.
0001076: [User Interface] Resource leak (wobben) - resolved.
0001098: [User Interface] Drag OTFT onto diagram shows no-drop-cursor (wobben) - resolved.
0001090: [Model Expressions] Index error when inserting last OTE into a new expression (wobben) - resolved.
0001088: [User Interface] Window settings not always saved (wobben) - resolved.
0001099: [Other] Expression qualification with UC wizard may result in abstract error (wobben) - resolved.
0001097: [Model Expressions] Active expression file may crash (wobben) - resolved.
0001089: [Model Constraints] Subset Constraint Editor creates Access Violation (wobben) - resolved.
0001078: [Model Expressions] Expression Tree window crash (wobben) - resolved.
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0001060: [Model Expressions] Reorder placeholders when editing existing expression (wobben) - resolved.
0001065: [Other] Session support (wobben) - resolved.
0001074: [User Interface] Splash screen never shows (wobben) - resolved.
0001064: [Project] Project files in different folders (wobben) - resolved.
0001068: [Repository] Defaults with keywords for custom attributes not applied (wobben) - resolved.
0001061: [User Interface] Project Window splitter stuck (wobben) - resolved.
0001059: [User Interface] Download update button does nothing (wobben) - resolved.
0001075: [Diagrams] Diagrams fail to synchronise after disconnect (wobben) - resolved.
0001069: [Repository] Newly created objects don't receive custom attribute defaults (wobben) - resolved.
0001066: [Import and Export] Export modules disabled for IGG files (wobben) - resolved.
0001073: [Diagrams] Diagram sync failure crashes when closing (wobben) - resolved.
11 issues View Issues
- Added construction functions for Fact Type, Object Type and Subtype.
- Cleaning up the Repository Task menus and several related contextual menu's.
0001045: [User Interface] Create new subtype from main menu (wobben) - resolved.
0001055: [Repository] Quickly add Fact Types (wobben) - resolved.
0001043: [User Interface] Allow quick edit of single line in expression file (wobben) - resolved.
0001056: [Model Constraints] Delete constraints is missing from menu (wobben) - resolved.
0001051: [User Interface] Export modules not disabled (wobben) - resolved.
0001046: [User Interface] GLR contains obsolete proposals (wobben) - resolved.
0001047: [User Interface] Repository Task Menu (wobben) - resolved.
0001058: [Model Constraints] Delete TC shows duplicates for every role involved (wobben) - resolved.
0001054: [Repository] New Subtype creates duplicate OTE in supertype (wobben) - resolved.
0001044: [User Interface] Subtype tab inactive on IGG (wobben) - resolved.
0001050: [User Interface] SQL Window creates duplicate menu (wobben) - resolved.
0001049: [Repository] SQL result does not update after edit (wobben) - resolved.
12 issues View Issues
0000221: [Project] Support for custom file extensions from the Viewer (wobben) - resolved.
0001041: [Model Constraints] UC set to primary cannot be undone (wobben) - resolved.
0000740: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Autoselect PrimaryKey on non optional roles (wobben) - resolved.
0001039: [Model Expressions] Rules not properly verbalized (wobben) - resolved.
0001036: [Diagrams] Misplaced diagram OTFT after update (wobben) - resolved.
5 issues View Issues
Maintenance release with a new Well-Formednes Rule, many user interface cleanups and fixed some rare crashes and blocking behaviours.
0000946: [Model Validation] Direction for grouping ambigious (wobben) - closed.
0001025: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Proposal on/off can be undone (wobben) - resolved.
0001019: [User Interface] Add an "insert object type expression" button (wobben) - resolved.
0001018: [Diagrams] Repository highlight with disconnect diagrams (wobben) - resolved.
0001013: [User Interface] Update Validation and Transformation buttons (wobben) - resolved.
0001012: [User Interface] Cleanup OTFT and ROLE dialogs (wobben) - resolved.
0001011: [User Interface] User interface changes not saved (wobben) - resolved.
0001023: [User Interface] Well-formednes checks to often (wobben) - resolved.
0001021: [Model Validation] Rule "label type has no datatype" cannot be solved (wobben) - resolved.
0001015: [Model Validation] Errors and Warnings show no Hints in diagram (wobben) - resolved.
0001024: [Diagrams] GLR Proposals remove lines dots. (wobben) - resolved.
0001014: [Repository] Creating subtypes may crash (wobben) - resolved.
0001016: [User Interface] Unfinished edits lock the project (wobben) - resolved.
0001017: [User Interface] 'Index out of range' when inserting OTE (wobben) - resolved.
14 issues View Issues
Maintenance release
0001009: [Project] Search for CaseTalk projects (wobben) - resolved.
0001010: [Installation] Use higher compression for installer (wobben) - resolved.
0001005: [Installation] CaseTalk does not support Windows Themes (wobben) - resolved.
0001007: [User Interface] Expression details button has wrong icon (wobben) - resolved.
0001002: [User Interface] Task font in settings resets (wobben) - resolved.
0001003: [Diagrams] Highlighting not disabled (wobben) - resolved.
0001008: [User Interface] Some reports don't print properly (wobben) - resolved.
0001006: [Other] Print expression tree does nothing (wobben) - resolved.
0001004: [Project] Empty card readers block startup (wobben) - resolved.
9 issues View Issues
0001000: [Diagrams] Support rounded corners on lines (wobben) - resolved.
0000999: [Installation] Run from USB Stick or Fileshare (wobben) - resolved.
0000940: [User Interface] Datatype not shown when LabelType is selected (wobben) - resolved.
0000996: [Project] Export folder is obsolete (wobben) - resolved.
0000992: [User Interface] Alter UI for highlighting in repository window (wobben) - resolved.
0000993: [User Interface] Rename Diagram Sync to "(Dis)Connect" (wobben) - resolved.
0000995: [Diagrams] Drag and drop of Alias/Rolefix onto diagram (wobben) - resolved.
0001001: [Repository] Alias shows itself as alias (wobben) - resolved.
0000998: [Installation] Example project install into Documents subfolder (wobben) - resolved.
0000997: [Installation] Plugin dll rename to bin (wobben) - resolved.
0000994: [Diagrams] Syncing shows issue where duplicate OTFT may occur (wobben) - resolved.
0000991: [Model Expressions] Business rule verbalizations incomplete (wobben) - resolved.
12 issues View Issues
0000978: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate both PowerDesigner CDM and PDM (wobben) - resolved.
0000583: [User Interface] Show rolefixes for ObjectTypes as alias in the list (wobben) - resolved.
0000990: [Project] Place project archives in a special subfolder (wobben) - resolved.
0000989: [Project] Archive menu grouped display (wobben) - resolved.
0000967: [Import and Export] Support import of Excel files (wobben) - resolved.
0000979: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner (v11+) changed entity relation direction (wobben) - resolved.
0000976: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner script contains redundant information (wobben) - resolved.
0000986: [User Interface] Diagram menu can always start Viewer (wobben) - resolved.
0000981: [User Interface] Improve Attach and Detach menu items (wobben) - resolved.
0000980: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Range values for domain in PowerDesigner fails (wobben) - resolved.
0000977: [Project] Open project file in text editor (wobben) - resolved.
0000988: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner PDM lacks indexes (wobben) - resolved.
0000975: [Diagrams] After IG and IGD checkout, the IGD shows wrong result (wobben) - resolved.
0000987: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Powerdesigner datatypes wrong (wobben) - resolved.
0000985: [Other] Failure to populate the SQL-based repository (wobben) - resolved.
0000651: [Diagrams] Diagram sometimes opens with error dialog (wobben) - resolved.
16 issues View Issues
Only a minor update with small fixes
0000966: [Import and Export] Exporting rolenumbers using string(11) may too small (wobben) - resolved.
0000961: [Project] Change "Show File Folder..." (wobben) - resolved.
0000960: [User Interface] Create new subtype form diagram fails (wobben) - resolved.
0000958: [User Interface] Duplicate population fails (wobben) - resolved.
0000959: [User Interface] Expressions not updated (wobben) - resolved.
0000957: [Project] Opening IG(G) mentions unsaved changes (wobben) - resolved.
0000962: [Project] Checkout from Manager does not create project file (wobben) - resolved.
7 issues View Issues
0000908: [Repository] Grid with sql results are too wide (wobben) - resolved.
0000166: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Support old style naming algorithms (wobben) - resolved.
0000907: [Diagrams] Html+PNG selected, but not saved (wobben) - resolved.
0000906: [User Interface] Namespaces show "NamespacesDmd" as name (wobben) - resolved.
4 issues View Issues
Maintenance Update.
Fixing a few blocking issues and adding Repository Window improvements.
0000898: [Diagrams] Select a newly added Inter-TotalityConstraint (wobben) - resolved.
0000903: [Installation] Explorer icons are wrong (wobben) - resolved.
0000892: [User Interface] Multiselecting otft shows ambigious details (wobben) - resolved.
0000888: [Diagrams] Popup menu for inter constraint has no Edit item (wobben) - resolved.
0000886: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Extend hiding LabelTypes after Lexicalization (wobben) - resolved.
0000870: [User Interface] Unlink an entire namespace (wobben) - resolved.
0000868: [User Interface] Improve inheritence hierarchy visibility (wobben) - resolved.
0000900: [Repository] GLR'd OTL differs from table documentation (wobben) - resolved.
0000887: [User Interface] Help not working from ProjectOptions (wobben) - resolved.
0000869: [User Interface] Improve namespace visibility (wobben) - resolved.
0000901: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Fixes and ObjectTypes missing from Full Rolepath (wobben) - resolved.
0000891: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Complex SCs not implemented in SQL (wobben) - resolved.
0000797: [Repository] SQL Repository shows both IG and IGG contents (wobben) - resolved.
0000873: [Repository] SQL Repository window does not show igg content (wobben) - resolved.
0000872: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Online help duplicates url (wobben) - resolved.
0000871: [Repository] Custom Attribute value not saved (wobben) - resolved.
0000890: [Repository] Index out of range(-1) (wobben) - resolved.
0000878: [Repository] Database IG(G) is locked (wobben) - resolved.
0000876: [Project] Cannot make a visible window modal (wobben) - resolved.
19 issues View Issues
Maintenance Update
0000867: [Other] Embed newsfeed from website (wobben) - resolved.
0000866: [Diagrams] Autosave diagram in other formats (wobben) - resolved.
0000865: [Project] Project archive misses PNG and HTML (wobben) - resolved.
0000864: [Import and Export] Diagram Html export lacks proper encoding (wobben) - resolved.
0000849: [User Interface] Single Document Interface does not work (wobben) - resolved.
0000643: [Model Constraints] Verbalizing subset constraints fails with multiple roleparts (wobben) - resolved.
0000858: [User Interface] Delete SC results in A.V. (wobben) - resolved.
0000863: [Import and Export] Exporting diagram as HTML fails with Richtext (wobben) - resolved.
0000859: [User Interface] Subset Editor shows inconsistent behaviour (wobben) - resolved.
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Contains some technical fixes which blocked functionalities.
0000755: [Model Expressions] Expression 'Rename' should be called 'Edit' (wobben) - resolved.
0000758: [Diff and Merge] Description of OTFT is not merged (wobben) - resolved.
0000759: [Diagrams] Population editor results in index error (wobben) - resolved.
0000761: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Check well formedness hangs after Grouping (wobben) - resolved.
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0000011: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Table Documentation Export (wobben) - closed.
0000604: [Repository] Adding a new repository will not close the active repository (wobben) - resolved.
0000600: [Diagrams] Some icons are not displayed in the toolbar (wobben) - resolved.
0000601: [Repository] Subtype hierarchy is not yet active in this release (wobben) - resolved.
0000602: [Import and Export] Diagram viewer when a IGG is active fails (wobben) - resolved.
0000441: [Other] AV when closing WebUpdate Window without internet (wobben) - resolved.
0000603: [Model Expressions] Expression window remains active (wobben) - resolved.
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hotfix which solves minor issues with great importance
0000287: [Project] project archives do not contain jpg of diagram (wobben) - resolved.
0000344: [Installation] Distro educational edition contains no viewer (wobben) - resolved.
0000314: [Import and Export] Merging with another repository disabled (wobben) - resolved.
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0000113: [Diagrams] CaseTalk beta installation misses file zlib1.dll (wobben) - resolved.
0000108: [Model Transformation (GLR)] GLR compress column names trims too much (wobben) - resolved.
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0000032: [Model Expressions] Preview generation of expressions (wobben) - resolved.
0000052: [Repository] Repository window always shows ig icon (wobben) - resolved.
0000054: [Project] "File Save As" does not work as expected (wobben) - resolved.
0000053: [Project] Removing an open IG file closed the content but leaves the title (wobben) - resolved.
0000051: [Project] Drag and drop is inaccurate (wobben) - resolved.
0000050: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Project manager thinks a newly GLR'ed IGG is actually an IG file (wobben) - resolved.
0000048: [Model Transformation (GLR)] Performing GLR results in "Record not found" (wobben) - resolved.
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0000029: [User Interface] Extend the list dialog with filtering capability (wobben) - resolved.
0000025: [Project] Project manager can Archive yet not Unarchive (wobben) - resolved.
0000031: [User Interface] Resizing the UC/TC Assistent Window (wobben) - resolved.
0000027: [Diagrams] Synchronizing diagrams goes wrong (wobben) - resolved.
0000030: [Model Expressions] Sentence match followed by Undo will crash (wobben) - resolved.
0000028: [Project] Using File/CloseAll sometimes results in AV's. (wobben) - resolved.
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0000020: [User Interface] Active files within a project are not saved as being active (wobben) - closed.
0000019: [Other] Settings not saved (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2009-06-10
0000018: [Import and Export] Import of CSV files (wobben) - resolved.
0000016: [User Interface] Rename does not work in Repository window (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2008-08-14
0000004: [Repository] Object Type Name length too short (wobben) - resolved.
0000005: [Import and Export] Importing XML skips characters (wobben) - resolved.
0000006: [User Interface] Cancel and OK, do the same thing (wobben) - resolved.
0000003: [Import and Export] Exporting IGG as XML is disabled (wobben) - closed.
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Released 2018-01-24
0001724: [General] Application icon is old (wobben) - resolved.
0001553: [General] Tab Relational should be Logical (wobben) - resolved.
0001541: [General] Cardinality on Relational is wrong (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2017-11-21
0001485: [General] UML Property Cardinality [*] is missing (wobben) - resolved.
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0001394: [General] Provide expression in UML Classes (wobben) - resolved.
0001395: [General] Show domains for attributes (wobben) - resolved.
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0001318: [General] Reopen files from the menu (wobben) - resolved.
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0001070: [General] Conceptual model is newer (wobben) - resolved.
0001221: [General] Long table column names generate overflow error (wobben) - resolved.
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0001159: [General] Relational Column names sometimes appear truncated (wobben) - resolved.
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0001150: [General] Replacefixes not handled correctly (wobben) - resolved.
0001113: [General] Modeler 8.15 has upgraded fileformat (wobben) - resolved.
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0001067: [General] Preference for Relational unclear (wobben) - resolved.
0001062: [General] Include samples in table documentation (wobben) - resolved.
0001052: [General] Loading unknown model tables (wobben) - resolved.
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New: Mandatory columns and attributes are shown in bold font style.
New: Smart display for foreign key columns.
0001035: [General] Relation Diagram does not hide FK columns (wobben) - resolved.
0001034: [General] Show mandatory uml attributes (wobben) - resolved.
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Hotfixes and deployed with CaseTalk Modeler 8.7.2
0000904: [General] Tables wrongfully considered weak (wobben) - resolved.
0000905: [General] ScForRoles violation (wobben) - resolved.
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0000902: [General] ER columnname setting wrong (wobben) - resolved.
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0000840: [General] Weak entities are not shown (wobben) - resolved.
0000841: [General] Expressions show full role path (wobben) - resolved.
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0000824: [General] Show 'read more' when the symbol is too small (wobben) - resolved.
0000820: [General] Include expressions in tables (wobben) - resolved.
0000807: [General] Help is missing (wobben) - resolved.
0000801: [General] Windows Taskbar preview (wobben) - resolved.
0000812: [General] Make ERD Weakness indications optional (wobben) - resolved.
0000809: [General] Save file extension unclear (wobben) - resolved.
0000806: [General] ERD Show weak relationships as dashed line (wobben) - resolved.
0000814: [General] Filenames not consistently shown (wobben) - resolved.
0000808: [General] Related tables not shown (wobben) - resolved.
0000803: [General] Wrong subtype relations in ERD (wobben) - resolved.
0000798: [General] Show version (wobben) - resolved.
0000823: [General] Dragging ER tables hides columns (wobben) - resolved.
0000813: [General] Close All does not close all (wobben) - resolved.
0000792: [General] Relationship in ER drawn as 1..N instead of 0..N (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2015-11-11
0000772: [General] Column names LabelType and ObjectType incorrect (wobben) - resolved.
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0000734: [General] Labeltypes are not always displayed (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2015-09-14
0000716: [General] Update logo (wobben) - resolved.
0000695: [General] Long column names are truncated (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2014-12-16
0000540: [General] Support weak entity types (wobben) - resolved.
0000542: [General] ER Subtype icon (wobben) - resolved.
0000539: [General] Hide Foreign Keys does not hide (wobben) - resolved.
0000543: [General] Sometimes a column name is shown more than once (wobben) - resolved.
0000544: [General] ER Mandatory constraint not shown (wobben) - resolved.
0000529: [General] UML attributes dissapear (wobben) - resolved.
0000530: [General] Two UML Associations between classes, only one visible (wobben) - resolved.
0000511: [General] Binairy fact not shown in UML (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2014-01-06
XE4 Upgrade
0000295: [General] XE4 Upgrade (wobben) - resolved.
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0000220: [General] Use different file extensions (wobben) - resolved.
0000259: [General] Cannot (re)open uml diagrams (wobben) - resolved.
0000250: [General] Turning off columns in the ER preference does not hide them (wobben) - resolved.
0000249: [General] Sometimes columns are duplicated in the ER tab (wobben) - resolved.
0000286: [General] kernelbase exception (wobben) - resolved.
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0000248: [General] Navigability shown for roles not under a UC (wobben) - resolved.
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Released 2013-02-28
0000235: [General] UML association shows no navigation arrow (wobben) - resolved.
0000236: [General] UML subtypes are not displayed (wobben) - resolved.
0000232: [General] Cardinality in UML is sometimes wrong (wobben) - resolved.
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